Reduce stress, Boost fertility


I am sure you have heard the saying “relax, relate, release!” This slogan is all too familiar, but for some, it can be a bit challenging to put into practice…even moreso when one of the reasons you are stressed in the first place is because of months or years of trying to conceive, with no success !

The impact of stress on our overall health has been well documented for some time now. However, it was not until I began to take a more engaged and wholistic approach to my own wellness that I uncovered tons of research on the linkage between prolonged stress and high cortisol levels, hormone disruption and fertility challenges.

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or have a RE and are on the road to IVF or other assisted reproductive options, don’t let stress be a derailer to your conception goals.

A tried and true recommendation to de-stress your life is to practice self care on a daily basis. One small step to get your self care routine in check is to immediately carve out 15-20 minutes each day to calm your mind. Got more time ? Even better ! I know most of us are juggling many priorities, so the key is to do something, no matter how small, and be consistent.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Meditation and mantras. Use meditation practices daily to get centered, relax and create inner peace. Mantras can be an incredibly powerful avenue to speak positivity to your mind and body. You have to believe and feel that your body can conceive before it will happen !
  2. Visualization and guided imagery. These exercises are also very effective. I do these early in the morning or just prior to going to bed, but the time of day isn’t as important as the exercise itself. By visualizing yourself pregnant- full bellied and all, you are giving your mind a blueprint to work towards and achieve.

If you are new to the use of meditation practices, mantras or visualizations, I encourage you to spend some time researching them online, or you can create your own that are just as effective as any that you can purchase.

One of my own personal favorite websites is Circle+Bloom, at, which has a number of meditations and exercises, some for free as well as for purchase. I have personally used programming from this site and everything has been amazing !


Breathe new life into your daily de-stress routine by incorporating meditation, mantras and visualization. There is no better time than now to jumpstart your wellness and improve your fertility than to “relax, relate and release.” Your fertility depends on it !

All my best to you as you continue on this journey,



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