” This week was our medical laboratory technology field trip to a unique IVF center which is called Conceive for Gynaecology and Fertility. Wow, that’s what could I say when we entered the theater and the labs that are fully supplied by marvelous machines and equipments. Not only that, we were very pleased and it was an honor for us to meet the owner of this center, Dr. Pankja. After this trip, I have believed that the world and science is keep developing and nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. Finally, I thank health department and especially Dr. Nishi for giving us this opportunity to see how crucial is our major. “

Amna Saleh Al Hammadi

” Words are not enough to describe the feelings a woman undergoes on becoming a mother. Our feelings of joy and gratitude at finally being able to hold our own little bundle of joy after 12 years of marriage were immeasurable. I had come to Dr. Pankaj Shrivatsav almost on the verge of giving up. I had undergone an ectopic pregnancy, which ended with a surgery and also a miscarriage. I was very dejected and had lost the little hope i had. When we met Dr Pankaj, he was very encouraging, kind and professional. He made us very comfortable and handled us in a very sensitive manner. He and his team made us feel so much at home that every visit to the clinic was looked forward to. The encouragement and support given to us left us looking forward with new hope. I conceived soon after and it really felt that the whole team celebrated with us. I continued going there and they supported us through the whole period. Every one was always courteous and patient with our queries. They made me feel that my baby was as precious to them as it was to us. My baby was born and her first visit out was to the clinic. We were welcomed with much joy. The warmth and kindness Dr. Pankaj and his team showed us will never be forgotten. When we whisper a small prayer of thanks for the gift of our daughter to god, there’s a prayer for the lovely people who made it possible. “

S.S. (Bangalore, India)

” Our Gynaecology and infertility Centre has been dealing with Dr. Pankaj and his clinic for the last 9 years. We believe it is one of the best centres in the region with a success rate of approx 40% for pregnancy. The centre has become a centre of excellence for infertile couples not only in the UAE but the whole of GCC. The running of the centre is of International standards and the outcome / results are better than some of the European counterparts/ centres. We wish them, All the Best and hope they continue to grow. “

Dr. (Mr.) Dabeer A. Salaria, MD, FRCOG ( London ) UK Consultant Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, Infertility & IVF Specialist Director, Bahrain Gynaecology & Infertility Centre

” Words cannot express enough how grateful we are for everything Dr. Pankaj Srivastav has done for us…..He has given us t the BEST gift of our lives….’our two gorgeous girls!’ A personal note : Doc, Thank you for your patience and support on this rather emotional rollercoaster of a treatment. We feel very fortunate to have been under your care and we appreciate your expertise, professionalism, and most of all your the kindness. You are a great human being and definitely a gifted miracle worker. May you continue to offer confidence, hope and blessings of parenthood to many many more. “

Ritu and Anil Manghnani (Dubai, UAE)

” We were longing to meet pankaj while we were in kuwait because he shares the same as our son. then we came to uae and when i first met him in a concert we fell in love with him. He is a very efficient and extremely hard-working and compassionate clinician, an extremely successful gyneacologist with several feathers in his cap. we think he may have to put another cap to fix those feathers. as a person he is extremely charming and anybody will love him on first meeting. With him around it was like having our own son pankaj with us. we will be doing injustice if we did not comment on his family. he is blessed with a very capable and loving wife and two extremely intelligent girls. we wish him all round progress. it has been a pleasure working with him. “

Dr. Maya Shrivastav (Los Angeles, USA

” When we met Dr. Pankaj 12 years ago, we were very touched by the kind of rapport he built up with us almost immediately. Then we realised that this is the kind of person he is, you meet him once and you feel like you have known him for years. He always has a smile on his face which makes you feel at ease without ever having met him before. He is a gentle man who loves to make other people really enjoy themselves As a professional, there are very few words that can be used for a man whose life is dedicated to helping people start a family. He is one of the best at what he does, and the results of all his hard work are clear to see. There are so many families around us today that exist because he was there to guide them and help them start. About his wife and family they all are carrying the same quality of Dr. Pankaj especially. Dr.Nishi- she is a lovely woman just as joyous as the man himself. We enjoy so much of his company, we feel proud to have such a wonderful friend. Together they make a lovely family and we wish them the very best that life has to offer. “

V & P. B. (Dubai, UAE)

” We need to thank Dr. Pankaj for giving us our beautiful daughter , he is a wonderful doctor. “


“It’s not an easy decision to go forward with IVF, emotionally, physically, and financially. Emotions are high and oscillate between hope and luck. It’s like a cricket match, sometimes you get a six and on the next ball, you’re out!

We took the step, though a lot of things were not in our favor, there was still hope and that’s what motivated us to plunge into it. After a lot of research and going to innumerable doctors in different parts of the world, we chose Conceive –The Gynaecology and Fertility Hospital. We knew from the start that Dr. Pankaj Shrivastav and his team knew exactly what they were doing. Every visit came with extra unexpected tests, which means more cost, but then my husband and I decided that we will give our 100% to this. Each test was for a reason, to understand the situation better and treat it accordingly; and now I am glad to we took them all as we left no stone unturned to explore all the options.

Unfortunately, I didn’t conceive and I am still hurting from the loss of what was never mine. But the reason for writing here is to inform couples what to expect during the process and to omit the false notions that people around will come up with. It is not as dreadful a process as I was told by my friends and family. The daily injections did not affect my daily routines, my mood swings were not crazy and when I felt a bit down I would head to the gym and sweat it out. I took extra care of myself, the over doze of vitamins and hormones gave me a glow and my hair had never been healthier. Every visit was monitored and the dose of medicines was designed accordingly.

I was really scared on the day of the egg retrieval, I was crying with fear, not knowing what to expect – I am the person who cries at the look of a needle. I would like to mention the skilled, trained staff of the clinic who were so supportive every time we visited especially on this day. It turned out to be a painless process under local anesthesia, and their anesthesiologist was so sweet she was actually holding my hand throughout the process while I was talking to Dr. P. Shrivastav about my current projects.

Every visit came with a surprise, some ultrasounds gave hope, some shattered us, and we were hoping to scoop out 10 eggs, but we retrieved 14. We lost hope that only half made it to the next stage, but again there was a ray of hope that sparked when 5 eggs matured beautifully. Everything crashed when all five had ‘chaotic’ functions after their chromosome testing. I only know that one of them was a boy! I have a picture of my five crazy embryos, ready to be printed and framed. We named them all on our long drives from Abu Dhabi (we reside here) to Sharjah.

Dr. P. Shrivastav dealt with us directly at every step. He was as disappointed with the result as a doctor as we were off almost becoming parents-to-be. We all gave it our best, but at times some things are not in our control. At least there is no regret that we didn’t try, sadly we didn’t score a six and were ‘out’ of the game too soon!”


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