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Winter CleanseRenewal for Fertility

So you’ve made getting pregnant your goal for 2018. Or maybe your goal is to lose a little weight (after some unhealthy choices over the holidays, getting rid of the muffin-top is definitely one of mine!). Or maybe you just want to have more energy and feel healthier.


We’re a full week into 2018 now – how are you doing so far on those goals?


You might think it’s too soon for a progress check – the year just started after all – but it’s a perfect time to figure out if you’re on a path to accomplishing your health and fertility goals – or if, like so often happens, your goals are going to crash and burn within the first few weeks of the year.


The reality is – planning = success.


And one great way to make a plan to succeed is to join a winter cleanse and get your body baby-ready for the year.


I did my first cleanse 6 years ago this month. Not-so-coincidentally I began trying to get pregnant the following month.


I didn’t know what I was getting into – for the cleanse or for trying to get pregnant! – but for the cleanse I figured I’d eat a little food, get some clean living tips, and be on my way.


What I wasn’t expecting was that I’d undergo such a physical and emotional transformation in 10 days that I’d sign up for another cleanse the following spring.  Next thing I knew, an entire year had gone by and I’d cleansed each season.


What is cleansing and how can it boost your fertility?


Cleansing or detox is a process of gently removing toxins from your body to improve your overall health, and for those of us on the fertility path, to get our bodies ready for conception.


A cleanse will clean our entire body inside and out, but focuses primarily on the liver, and for fertility, the uterus.  A gentle whole foods-based cleanse will clean both of these organs through natural, seasonal whole fruits, vegetables and grains that promote our body’s natural craving of balance with nature.


A cleanse is not a diet – while diets are about calorie counting, maybe skipping meals and overall deprivation, cleansing is all about adding delicious, whole, natural, fertility-boosting foods to your diet.

Think of it as pressing the reset button on our body – and in the process of getting our bodies back into good working order for ourselves, we’re also creating the best possible environment for our future baby to be conceived, and to grow and thrive.


What are some of the benefits you can see from cleansing? 


Here are some of the most commonly realized benefits and the things that keep me coming back each season:

  • Weight Loss (usually between 4-9 pounds)
  • Improved Sleep
  • Increased Energy
  • Mental Clarity
  • Better Mood
  • Reduced Stress
  • Feeling More Comfortable in Your Own Skin

For fertility, cleansing helps to normalize ovulation through restoring hormonal balance.  Issues with ovulation are the leading cause of female infertility, and hormonal imbalances have a direct correlation with irregular or absent ovulation.


Eating seasonal, whole foods during a cleanse will help bring our bodies back to their natural balance, which is the first critical step to reclaiming both our health and our fertility.


Through my upcoming cleanse, Renewal for Fertility, we’ll eat clean, whole, fertility-boosting foods and give ourselves both the time and space for self-care. We’ll reboot our body, mind and spirit for the fertility journey, as well as our journey toward optimal health.  I’ll provide a complete, step-by-step meal plan and guide for the 10-day cleanse.


I’ll also be participating in the cleanse right along with you, and we can have fun supporting each other! There’ll be a private Facebook group for all the participants and you’ll get my coaching and full attention during the 10 days.


After cleansing for 6 years, I’m so excited to help others through cleansing! After I had my son and started to come out of the all-consuming fog of trying to conceive, I realized that my fertility journey and my health journey were interconnected.


Reclaiming my health not only prepared my body for conception, it gave me the confidence to reclaim my fertility too, and buck my Diminished Ovarian Reserve diagnosis and my advanced maternal age status.  I know it can help you too.


To learn more about Renewal for Fertility, and to sign up, click here.


Now is the time to make your plan to reach your New Year’s goals, and planning to reboot your body through a cleanse is a fantastic start.


Big love,

Stephanie xo

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