Five Fertility Podcasts To Enjoy This Holiday Season


Our unpredictable tumultuous year is winding down and drawing to a close soon. This brings with it an opportunity to slow down our pace and to take a bit of breathing space away from the stresses that have plagued us during the course of the year. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, my husband and I have elected to have a staycation over the holiday season this year instead of travelling to visit family. While it does feel a little sad, it makes better sense to play it safe for the moment. So, we’re embracing the chance to enjoy some quiet time to ourselves. We have a few hikes and outdoor activities planned, as well as some ‘fixer upper’ projects around the house. I also have a lovely list of December reading materials and audiobooks to look forward to. December is also the time when I get to catch up on listening to some of the great podcasts that I sometimes end up missing out on during the busier periods of the year. The one thing that I like about listening to podcasts, especially at this time of the year, is that I feel like I am always learning from different people’s stories and gathering useful information to apply to my own situation.

After my recent blog post about some of my favourite fertility books, I received a couple of questions about which fertility-focused podcasts I enjoy listening to. There are many out there, and all offer great content, interesting view points and guidance around specific fertility issues. However, here are a few of my personal favourites on my own playlist (four podcasts and an Instagram Live series, to be exact):

Infertility and Me Podcast: This podcast is hosted by infertility warrior, Monique Farook and has been running for about a year now. Monique describes ‘Infertility and Me’ as an advocacy podcast that brings together diverse guests and expert advice. The podcast places an emphasis on healing while navigating an often complicated path to conceiving through reproductive fertility assistance. I love the array of different guests and topics that she features, from women sharing their personal stories, their losses and the successes, to guidance and insight offered from various experts and authors. Monique has an amazing personality and does a really amazing job at facilitating important and necessary conversations around the experience of infertility.   

The Fertility Podcast: Founder of this podcast, Natalie Silverman, started out in 2014, making it the UK’s longest running fertility podcast and has a listenership in over 100 different countries. Silverman was a radio presenter and voice actor, and she began ‘The Fertility Podcast’ after finally falling pregnant via ICSI treatment following her battle with infertility. Silverman says that she created the podcast to “share, to explore, to reach out and to discuss” the infertility experience.

Fertility Warriors Podcast: This podcast is hosted by Australian fertility coach and author, Robyn Birkin. She interviews various fertility experts to offer insight into how to tackle a broad range of infertility issues. Birkin herself is a fertility warrior to who has experience with both IVF and miscarriage. Robyn’s ‘Fertility Warriors’ podcast shares “advice and tips on how to conceive, how to navigate the world of fertility treatments and how to be your best and healthiest self.”

Finding Fertility Podcast: Hawaii based Health Coach, Monica Cox, hosts a great podcast called Finding Fertility. This podcast taps into dealing with unexplained infertility and equipping women with information to take control of their fertility health. She features guests and fertility coaches who address various topics which include alternative health, wellness, fertility diet, mindset and also subjects like surviving pregnancy loss and dealing with the financial impact of infertilty.    

Fertility Books Instagram Live Series: Sheila Lamb is a registered nurse who fell pregnant via fertility treatment in her 40s after 6 years of trying. She previously founded and edited My Fertility Specialist magazine back in 2015. She later went on to curate and publish a series of infertility related anthologies, including ‘My Fertility Book’ and the ‘This is…’ series (This is IVF, This is Pregnancy and Baby Loss, etc). Although this is not quite a podcast, Sheila hosts a weekly Instagram live series where she interviews the authors of fertility related books. You get insight into authors, their infertility journeys, the inspiration for their books and what their books have to offer.

Do you listen to fertility related podcasts? Which are your favourite ones to listen to? What do you enjoy about listening to them ?

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