Ovulation Induction (controlled ovarian stimulation)

Ovulation is a process by which a woman’s ovary releases a mature egg or oocyte. It is this Oocyte that fuses with a sperm to form an embryo in the process termed Fertilization. Naturally, a woman produces only one oocyte per month. Ovulation Induction is a process by which the woman’s ovaries are stimulated through the use of hormones and medication to produce several eggs or oocytes in one cycle, thereby increasing chances of getting pregnant.
Ovulation Induction is carried out for women who ovulate infrequently as a result of irregular menstrual cycles or who do not ovulate at all. The timely use of medication and hormone injections is vital for success and at Conceive Gynecology & Fertility Hospital the nurse practitioners are ever willing and available to guide you through the process. The growth and maturation of eggs is tracked through ultrasound scans. Once Ovulation has occurred, the couple can either try to conceive naturally or go in for Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). If the couple is advised to go in for IVF and ICSI treatment, the physician will harvest the eggs.
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