Slow Swimmers and Fried Eggs

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Jodi Sky Rogers
Jodi Sky Rogers lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. She and her husband, Cyrus, have been married for almost eleven years now. She works as a Feminine Healing Coach and Author. Her personal experiences with PCOS, fertility challenges, miscarriage and pregnancy loss over the past seven years have inspired her to support women going through similar challenges. She is passionate about writing on fertility-focused topics, as well as creating mindfulness, relaxation and TTC self-care resources and tools to support women on their fertility journey. She loves aerial yoga, hiking, being in nature, poetry and escaping the city to visit coast. She is the author of Flowering Within and Wild Essence.

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Cathy Broadwell :
Cathy Broadwell lives in Alexandria, Virginia in the United States, and has been married to her husband Eric for eleven years now. In her “day job,” she is a professional creative director and graphic designer. Outside of her office, she works independently in a variety of interests and artistic pursuits as a writer, artist, dancer and musician. Inspired by her own experiences and the power of the Web to build supportive communities, her mission is to use her creative skills and passion to help others overcome challenges through vehicles like the SS&FE blog.

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Julia Midwinter

Julia Midwinter :
Julia Midwinter lives with her husband Lee in South London, UK. Both are keen musicians and Julia's love of languages has taken her on many travels around the world. She works in book publishing in London and is also a personal coach and qualified beauty therapist. Julia loves the energy and vibrancy of city life but also takes time to disconnect from the hustle and bustle through yoga and meditation. She is keen to share her fertility experiences with you and help as many people as possible navigate this difficult landscape and find moments of peace and clarity.

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Slow Swimmers & Fried Eggs

Processing Infertility Rage

I’ve been uncharacteristically angry lately. Waves of rage that keep rising to the surface at unexpected times. Sometimes it’s the things that people say or

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Slow Swimmers & Fried Eggs

Infertility & the Workplace

I had the privilege of watching some of the Noble Prize dialogues on “The Future of Work” this week. The discussions all highlighted some fascinating

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Slow Swimmers & Fried Eggs

The Cost of Infertility

There is no denying that infertility has a significant impact on all areas of your life. It affects you physically, mentally, emotionally and even socially.

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