SSFE Podcast #5 with Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos


Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos (Sig-din-us) is an award-winning author and health advocate internationally recognized for her writing on the limitations of reproductive medicine as well as the personal and social ordeals that accompany fertility challenges. In her first book and blog by the same name, Silent Sorority, Pamela shares with the unpredictable and emotionally demanding experience of confronting unexplained infertility. 

Her followup ebook, Finally Heard, Pamela gives voice to a large but seldom acknowledged population of women reconciling the trauma of failed fertility treatment. Her writing raises provocative, often uncomfortable questions usually reserved for late night reflection or anonymous blogging. With raw honesty Pamela draws from her experience to explore the stigma associated with fertility issues and the complex effects of living involuntarily childless.

She is now the co-founder of

Listen to the full podcast interview right here on Conceive Hospital’s Soundcloud !
** Picture Caption : Pamela at age 26 years when she started contemplating a family

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