Welcome to The “B” Method… The Buffi Method! Be Fit, Be Strong, Be Flexible, Be Healthy. My name is Buffi Jashanmal and I am FlyBarre instructor at FlyWheel Dubai and a Personal Trainer. Having spent the last 10yrs in Fashion, I decided to make my life long hobby and passion a career, and move into… Continue reading Welcome

Do You Have an Infertility Support System?

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Last week, I had the privilege of attending a virtual women’s empowerment workshop. Hosted by a collective of successful business women, the various keynote speeches that they delivered offered a great deal of inspiration, encouragement and insight into what it takes to achieve both your life and business goals. I was quite uplifted by the… Continue reading Do You Have an Infertility Support System?

Processing Infertility Rage

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I’ve been uncharacteristically angry lately. Waves of rage that keep rising to the surface at unexpected times. Sometimes it’s the things that people say or the events happening around me or the sense of injustice I feel – so many things seem to trigger my anger. I’m aware that the hormonal fluctuations and disappointing outcomes… Continue reading Processing Infertility Rage

Coping When Fertility Treatment Fails

It was the perfect window to take a trip. Our workloads had eased a bit and I hadn’t seen my parents in over a year due to travel restrictions. We had this underlying sense that if we didn’t go then, we may not get another chance to. So, we jumped at the opportunity. We set… Continue reading Coping When Fertility Treatment Fails