A Childless Infertile Future vs Adoption

Drawing of family, felt-pens and word ADOPTION on wooden background

This isn’t an easy subject to explore, though the question does cross my mind from time to time. I try not to dwell on it for too long because the idea of facing the worst-case-scenario can feel scary. Nonetheless, there are moments when I do wonder – What happens if you reach the end of… Continue reading A Childless Infertile Future vs Adoption

Processing Infertility Rage

Close up of old English dictionary page with word anger

I’ve been uncharacteristically angry lately. Waves of rage that keep rising to the surface at unexpected times. Sometimes it’s the things that people say or the events happening around me or the sense of injustice I feel – so many things seem to trigger my anger. I’m aware that the hormonal fluctuations and disappointing outcomes… Continue reading Processing Infertility Rage