The Power of Positive Thinking, Affirmations, and Incantations

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I wanted to take a timeout to write and thank many of you for the great discussions that transpired after my last post. Apparently I hit a nerve and a conversation-starter that many wanted to chime in and speak about in some of the support group forums. In that last post, I made a point to “acknowledge the hard” of seeking adoption post-infertility treatment. There are many challenging emotions that can come along with even just considering to adopt a child, let alone going through the many hoops and hurdles required to adopt. I explained in that post that for many reasons, my husband and I chose not to adopt in the end after much research and soul searching. The decision to adopt or not is a deeply personal one for each couple.


Yet in the support forums, there was also much exuberance shared by those who successfully adopted and were gleeful and so grateful that they ended up with their forever family. It was so heartening and inspiring to read these stories as well as see the vulnerable sharing! Some chose to adopt one child after finally conceiving a child on their own through IVF treatment. Others adopted one child and fostered another to create their forever family. There are so very many ways to create a modern family these days! It is truly wonderful to behold all of the opportunity that awaits us when we are ready to make that leap if adopting is the right path for you.


Whether you are in IVF treatment currently, or are looking into alternatives such as adoption, some days are harder than others. Besides finding emotional support through blogs such as this one, support forums, and your empathetic family and friends, one way to help you achieve your goals is to create the mindset to do so! It is true that our thoughts create our feelings, which in the end create our actions and behaviors. Going through IVF treatment or seeking adoption certainly requires a lot of action and determined movement in the right direction!


Many of you may have heard of daily affirmations. But have you heard of incantations? Incantations are like affirmations on steroids as they help bring more resolve and emotion into you creating your intentions and your beliefs about what is possible in your life.


Incantations: Stimulate our emotions and trigger the necessary physiological responses necessary to create new beliefs.


Similar to affirmations, when we repeat something consistently – for example every morning – whatever we repeat slowly becomes our truth! When we repeat it with emotion, it becomes even more powerful helping both our conscious and subconscious to sync up and help us achieve our own impossible. Going through the IVF process and adoption can seem like a daunting task some days. These new positive and empowering messages can help you to create and support new beliefs necessary to achieve your goal of creating your forever family or anything else that you are striving to achieve.


Here are some example incantations:


“When I take care of myself first, everyone around me benefits.”


“All that I need to successfully achieve my goals I already possess.”


“Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.”


“Life isn’t happening to me, it is happening for me.”


“I control how and what I feel.”


“I am responsible for me, my health, and happiness.”


“Nothing will keep me from my goals and living an awesome life!”



Are any of the above incantations right for you? What could creating some incantations for yourself look like for you? If you would like to learn more and continue to be inspired by this concept, take a few moments and watch this video.


I can tell you firsthand that affirmations, incantations, and boatloads of positive thinking and focusing on gratitude today and everyday can help you have a more empowering mindset. It also makes life a lot more fun! Another bonus? When the doo doo does hit the oscillator, you will have a stronger mind and spirit to get through it. And who couldn’t use more of that?


Special thanks to Mike Goncalves of The Wellness Bucket for some of the incantation information and concepts shared here. Very powerful stuff!


Please join me next week to hear more about my personal journey down the infertility path. I look forward to speaking with you. I wish you the best on your journey.

Warm regards,

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