‘X’ marks the spot

Cheers, dear readers, Hello wonderful readers and patients of Conceive Hospital. I have missed speaking with you and I look forward to writing another excerpt for you about my journey down the infertility path that many of you are on now. Please know that you have all of our support and warm thoughts, and that… Continue reading ‘X’ marks the spot

Just Peachy ! (peach fro-yo)

Had your dinner. Got up from the table and resisted the slice of cheesecake or the decadent Indian ‘halwa’ that is being gobbled down by the family. Feeling oh-s0-proud because you managed to not give in to your cravings. Fast-forward 2 hours and your tastebuds are practically tingling for some sweetness. Your lips are quivering,… Continue reading Just Peachy ! (peach fro-yo)

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