Worst time to start a fad !

I love the beginning of the year.. Mainly because I find it the best time of year to take a step back.. AND to not start some crazy new fad diet, workout, health regime… you are destine to fail.

It is the best time of year to do something you love, to be good to yourself and remind yourself who you are/what YOU like without being swept up with all the hype of new gym deals, detox delivery juices, and a crazy month dedicated to working out too hard and not eating enough.

There is no point in just doing something hardcore for only one month out of the whole year, nor is there much point in quitting something just for one month. Your body prefers slow adaptations, the body goes into panic mode when you starve or train it too hard.

So how about this.: If you have been a little bit bad over the holidays and with all the family and social activity haven’t made enough YOU time, then here are some 5min morning workouts to get you motivated back into the gym, FlyWheel or FlyBarre class that I know you have been missing!

Morning Quick Fit (40secs on/20rest btw)

1. jog on the spot

2. push ups

3. squats

4. burpees

5. hold plank

Afternoon Cardio blast

Go for a jog, and add a few simple intervals into your run to make it fun and worth your time. Each one is done for 1min after a 5min warm-up at your own pace

1. jog

2. run side ways on

3. face the other way and run

4. jump jacks

5. run – last 30 secs sprint

One round or if you have time, REPEAT btw 2-4 times

Include a 5min cool down at your own pace

Stretch It out

Good for anytime of the day:

Round One:

1. legs together, toes touching, Inhale the arms up, reach for the sky

2. forward fold, hands to the toes or to the shins

3. slowly curl up

Round Two:

Repeat with legs wide, and pull yourself over to the right leg, then to the left. Hold on each side for 20-30seconds. Come back to center, head is still down and curl up to standing

Third stretch:

Stand with legs wider then hips, reach the arms up, and fold over to the right, do not collapse the body down. Repeat on the other side



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