SSFE Podcast #6 Marianne Van De L’Isle

Marianne is a 46 year old wife and mum to Lily, her wonderful 9 year old daughter. She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland and has worked in healthcare for 26 years. She is passionate about family, friends, travel and mental health. She’s taking part in this podcast to support her very good friends Cathy & Eric in opening up and breaking down the barriers surrounding infertility. She has known Cathy since 2004 but Eric and Marianne go waaay back, having met in Budapest at the tender age of 21. She was honored to be asked to say the Grace at their wedding over 15 years later. They have been good friends ever since and have become closer still since discovering their shared journey through infertility, although they both have different outcomes from the experience. Marianne is happy to share this interview with the audience of the Slow Swimmers & Fried Eggs blog


Listen to the full interview here : 

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