Shake it up! Breaking free from infertility habits

There’s nothing like being made redundant to shake up your routine!


Once fear has subsided you have an opportunity to reassess, recalibrate, reprioritise and refocus, which is so precious and valuable and can open up a whole new way of life and way of working that you never thought possible!


This is the place I’ve been in for the past few weeks and it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride but I would definitely say more ups and downs. Having the time to take stock, shake things up and dream big has really made me realise what’s important to me in life and although unemployed I feel truly energised!


It’s so easy to fall into the trap of the daily drudge, doing the same journey to work everyday, the same work everyday, same food patterns etc etc. We are of course creatures of habit! But sometimes these habits can impede progress or change and when we re faced with infertility progress and change is what we re really searching for.


So how to shake things up? Well you don’t have to wait for something as drastic as redundancy- you can start today!



How to shake things up while waiting for a baby!


What are the things you are trying to control about your fertility at the moment?

Whether it be eating all the right things, doing a regular exercise routine, having sex at the right time, taking all the relevant supplements, why not allow yourself to break from this routine today. It’s ok to not have to think about these things for one day (or even longer), let your mind rest and give yourself a break.


How do you feel after your break day? Does it make you more energised to keep going/ more anxious? Understanding what triggers different emotions and feelings in you can be really helpful when trying to identify your stress points.



Remember all the things you used to do / love before trying for a baby.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of removing all fun and enjoyment from your life and being brutal about your strict fertility regimen, but how much is that actually helping?

Being happy and enjoying life is key to your wellbeing and therefore your helps your body too, so don’t deny yourself unnecessarily. Go out for dinner, eat a rare steak, enjoy a glass of wine, do some horseback riding(!) anything that brings you joy that you have denied yourself recently. It will be worth it and will make you focus on life’s little pleasures for a change J



What are you putting off doing because of trying to conceive?

I talk to so many women (and this was me until v recently!) who have stayed in the same, safe but boring job for years just waiting for the day when they can take their maternity pay. Be honest with yourself, if this is you, is it really worth it? What’s stopping you finding another great job and still getting maternity pay? The general policy is you have to have worked for a year before you can qualify but that means just waiting 3 months before you get pregnant after starting a new job – in the grand scheme of things it could definitely be win, win!


Have you been saving up for your maternity leave and denied yourself a holiday because of trying to conceive? Take the holiday while you still can! There will be 9 months longer to save once you’re pregnant and holiday options will be few and far between. You also don’t know how much longer your baby will take to arrive so why not make the most of the time and money you have now.



What do you do on autopilot every day?

Make a conscious effort to switch up your routine today, even if it’s only in a very small way. Take a detour to work, eat lunch somewhere new, talk to someone you don’t usually talk to. The feeling of making small changes to your routine will bring you new perspective, fresh energy and possibly a new friend!



It can be really easy to get stuck into the same daily routine without even realising it and soon find yourself questioning what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and where all your time’s gone! I hope you can “shake it up” this week and try something new. I’d love to hear how you get on!


Speak soon

Julia x

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