New Year’s Eve – start as you mean to go on! Fertility struggles do not have to ruin your party


The worse the year, the bigger the New Year’s Eve party! This is my new motto – I came up with it 2 minutes ago and I’m sticking with it!


I love these days in between Christmas and New Year, when, if you’re one of the lucky ones who don’t have to work, these little limbo days allow you a bit of breathing space between festivities and the dawn of a new year; it’s almost like time freezes between one year and the next. I find it a very reflective and cosy time, where I want to be surrounded by people I love, talking about significant moments that have shaped us in the past year and what we have to look forward to in the coming one.


I know the subject of New Year’s Eve can bring about different emotions in people and I can totally understand why. For one, not everyone is into big crowds of drunk people, shelling out loads for an overpriced taxi ride or queuing for hours just to be rained on but there is more to celebrating NYE than that and, for me, going out and taking part at this special time of the year is really important for the soul as it tells the world and yourself that you’re still standing and ready to tackle another year!


It can be tempting to just stay at home and pretend it’s not happening especially if you’ve had a difficult time recently but I’ve done that before and believe me I’d rather have someone be sick on me on the way home than be alone again on NYE, because whether you like it or not NYE sets the tone for the year to come. A quiet NYE at home is such an anti-climax – you might not even make it to midnight before you’re snoring on the sofa! Is that the message you want to give to 2018?? Didn’t think so.




So my advice this year, ESPECIALLY if you’ve had a tough year is…


Bang in the New Year!


This year I’m going to Rivoli Ballroom (see pic!) and I can’t wait! A night of 50’s style decadence, fun and frolics is just what we need and what better place to do it than an original 1950’s ballroom. It’s going to be electric!


After 2 miscarriages, a multitude of tests and lots of difficulties at work, I’m ready to bang the hell out of 2017! And yes, I did feel the same at the end of 2016 as that was also a crap year but there is still so much hope for 2018. It would be impossible for every year to be as bad as these two that have just past so some good fortune must be coming our way very soon and we’ll be ready and grateful for it!


So here you go, some tips for getting you off the sofa and into your gladrags this NYE:


  • You may well have a baby this time next year so get out and party while you can!
  • You always feel a million times sexier, more positive and energised when you doll yourself up and have an event to go to – do it for yourself


  • It’s the one night in the year when everyone is celebrating the same thing together – harness that amazing feeling and go out and join them!


  • Create some great memories after a rubbish year – it’s not too late but tomorrow will be!


  • Shake off some of the stress of the year and get on that dancefloor – dancing, moving around and having a laugh with friends is the best medicine.



As I think you can tell, sitting at home under a rug with tea is not how I want to tackle 2018. I want to come into it guns blazing, making my presence known and shouting “here I am. Take notice, I’m ready for change”. Change will be coming, whether we like it or not.


How do these “in between” days between Christmas and New Year make you feel? Do you look forward to them or dread them? How will you be celebrating this New Year’s Eve? Whatever you’re going through I’d love to hear from!


Speak soon,

Julia x

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