Understanding The Difference Between “Real” Versus “Fake” Weight Loss

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Today we’re talking about weight loss and the difference between real weight loss and apparent or “fake” weight loss.

You may have lost weight but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve lost body fat.

You’re probably asking yourself, “What’s the difference? Isn’t weight loss, weight loss?

The answer is no.

There’s a very big difference when it comes to losing weight and losing fat.

Not all weight loss is created equal.

Whenever any news of weight loss is shared with me, I always offer congratulatory words followed by the exact same question every time… “How much body fat did you lose?

I’m often met with a blank stare and the response, “I don’t know“.

Successful weight loss, real weight loss, the kind that stays off, that has you feeling better, more energetic, confident, healthy, fit and fertile, that type of weight loss is body fat loss, not just weight loss.

What’s the difference?

Just because the scale shows you’ve lost weight, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve lost body fat.

Weight loss can come from dehydration, stress, anxiety, muscle loss and fatigue – all of which keep the amount of body fat your body is carrying the same.

The weight loss the scale shows you is indeed weight loss, but from the wrong sources, not from decreased body fat.

How can that be?

Not eating enough of the right foods is the number one culprit for “fake weight loss“.

Eating very little, once or twice a day perhaps, because of either stress or with hopes of losing weight, actually works against you and will not help you lose body fat.

Weight yes, but fat no.

You may even put on more body fat this way.

The scale may show your weight has decreased because of dehydration and muscle breakdown from lack of energy sources (food), but your body fat will remain the same.

It may even increase as your body realizes it’s not getting enough of the proper nutrition it needs to function and as a way to protect itself, it’ll store more body fat to use as energy later on.

The only sure way to achieve “real” weight loss (body fat) versus “fake” weight loss (anything other than body fat) is to eat a healthy balance of the right foods and to exercise regularly.

In addition, to properly track real weight loss, use a body fat scale to measure progress versus a normal weight scale.

Many health facilities either have these body fat scales available or have a health professional onsite that can provide you with a quick and easy body fat assessment.

Because body fat loss happens at a much slower rate than weight loss, I suggest having your body fat measurement done every 6-8 weeks.

Unlike a scale where your weight can fluctuate overnight, this is not the case when it comes to body fat.

While losing body fat is a slower, more methodical process then just losing weight, the good news is when you do lose the body fat – it stays off; unlike weight loss where you can be down 5 pounds today and up those same 5 pounds again tomorrow.

Here’s some good news for you too when it comes to losing body fat versus just weight.

If you’re eating healthy foods along with proper portions and exercising regularly, you may notice you’re losing body fat (inches), feeling better, healthier, and leaner without necessarily seeing a big change on the scale.

On the other hand, it’s completely possible for you to lose 10-15 pounds and still not be healthy, feeling good, leaner, have more energy, and worse yet, not have lost a single ounce of body fat.

What matters most is losing body fat and not just losing weight.

Here’s what you can do to make sure you successfully lose body fat and not just weight:

1) Eat healthy meals and snacks regularly throughout the day

2) Drink plenty of water (64oz or more) to avoid dehydration and “fake” weight loss

3) Exercise regularly per week

4) Get plenty of sleep (6-8 hours) per night

5) Use a body fat scale or assessment versus a regular weight scale to track your progress

Follow these 5 suggestions and you’ll be well on your way to achieving “real” successful weight loss.

Be fit, be fertile, with “real” weight loss.

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