New Fertility Goals

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2018 has started off with a bang and I am so excited about what this new year will bring for you and your fertility journey !

I am a firm believer that fertility is a subset of your overall health and wellness. As you and your spouse travel down this road of trying to conceive, you will achieve even greater results by ensuring that your body and your mind are in tip top shape. What that meant for me was resetting my diet choices. Not only has this “reset” resulted in me having newfound energy and even losing a few pounds, but I also uncovered through lots of research that what I eat has much longer-term consequences to the endocrine and reproductive systems, both of which need to be in optimal shape to conceive. Do your body a favor and fill it with nutrient dense and fertility rich foods.

The next big focus for me has been on my emotional health. Our fertility journey has brought so many ups and downs. I have found that by intentionally taking time to do extreme self-care, meditating, praying and doing visualization exercises, that these practices have all made a tremendous difference in my perspective, as well as my attitude. Creating positive energy and vibes has done wonders for me and even changed how I engage with others. If you don’t currently have a pathway to relax and clear your mind, I would encourage you to find a few minutes a day to do just that. There are so many amazing resources available for meditations and mantras that you can adopt for your own needs.

For me, it is especially important to connect with my Higher Power each day. I am nothing without doing so, and have found that channeling wisdom, guidance and strength from my Higher Power only makes me better as I start the day and embark and execute on my goals and routine.

I am so excited about what this new year will bring to me and my family and I hope that you can take some time to reset your goals, your dreams and your mindset too. Recharge and re energize and do what is practical and what feels right for you.

Do something differently this year than you were doing last year relative to your health and wellness. Your body, your mind, your spirit, and your relationships will all thank you !

All my love and support I give to you as you continue to find your own way to motherhood.



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