Let it Go & Flow to feel Mentally Fit and Physically Fertile

Seriously! We hold on to soooo much JUNK! 

“Can you even believe what that crazy lady said to me in the grocery store about being an old maid?!”

“Why oh why does the super unhealthy girl next door get to have a baby and it still isn’t my turn?! That should be ME!”

“I know they are all thinking that I should just adopt or do IVF. Well if they would just give me the money I totally could.”

None of these thoughts are wrong. No way. People DO say crazy things. People DON’T always understand the challenge. BUT spending so much time replaying these events over and over in your head is keeping you in the same place. That is the space that you still don’t have the baby you dream of. 

I’m not saying that you are going to magically stop thinking about this stuff. Then you are going to magically get pregnant. IF ONLY. However, it certainly isn’t going to hurt! If you wake up every morning and tell yourself how crappy you feel and how unfulfilling your life is, is it really that crazy that that is exactly how life is then?! What if you wake up every morning and say to yourself, “I feel fantastic! I love my bed, I love my house, I love that I have a warm shower and soap to clean up…” you get the idea. Just take note of how the rest of your day feels.

Now imagine that you start to adjust your story of fertility challenges. Instead of the conversation in your head and with your hubby of how much it hurts and how deeply you are longing to have a baby; what if you felt those feelings but, didn’t stop there? Every time they come up (because they are likely going to come up until you have your baby) you thought them and then just let them keep on moving. Let it go. Move on to the next thought. Make an adjustment so the next thought is something more positive. 

“I trust that everything is exactly as it is suppose to be.”

“I truly believe that I will have a baby. Not IF but WHEN.”

“I love my baby so much and I am so excited to share the world with him/her.”

You don’t have to stop thinking about that baby you desire. Just adjust to thinking about it with love and hope instead of anger and despair. Feel the flow of your emotions. A marsh that has no flowing water smells stank and has no life within it. A river that flows and moves is fresh and fertile. BE the river. You ARE the river. Every time you feel blocked and are stuck with unhealthy thoughts get up and move your body. Feel how the physical movement also gets your mind moving. 

YOU my friend are a fertile and beautiful river. Sometimes raging with emotion and sometimes calm and peaceful. You are meant to be ALL of these things. 

Let it go and let it flow.

Baby dust!

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