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There is a misconception that you need to run for hours to get results. Trick is to train smart, not hard. By this I mean, get the most out of your time, more bang for your buck! By adding some Hiit (High Intensity Interval Training) you’ll get the results you are after, by mixing your cardio with a combo of intense heart pumping bursts. Okay, so you might not have the recommended 20-30minutes for cardio, but you for sure have 15mins to give your body the immediate benefits of a Hiit workout.

Here is a simple circuit you can do for either 5mins, 15 or 30. However much time you have, make the most out of it.

4-5mins warm up with some basic stretching light cardio.

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest (total of 1min per each exercise)

Repeat the following for as many rounds as you have time to do, do each exercise as fast as you can and then enjoy your 20-second rest.
1. Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope
2. Bouncing Lunges (alternate right foot front, then left foot)
3. Wide Squat (with optional leap at top)
4. Push ups (full or on the knees if beginner)
5. High Knees jogging on the spot

Be Strong – Alternating Lunges with a shoulder press

Make the most out of your workout by doing exercises that utilize more the one muscle group. Go a step further by making the exercise dynamic rather then stationary and you’ll be elevating your heart rate for cardio benefits also. Cool, kill three birds, one dumb bell.

This can be done anywhere, with or without weights.

Set Up
Arms into a goal post (elbows out to the side at shoulder height and hands above the elbows either with or without weights)
Feel hip distance apart.

1. Right Foot Steps back down into a lunge, at the same time the arms raise to the sky straight up.
2. Step Right Foot forward to starting position, arms come back down to goal post (elbows out to side, hands raised up above the elbows)
Repeat with the left leg.
10x on each side, total of 20.
Repeat for 3 rounds.

Be Flexible – Sunrise

Add a stretch to your morning. You’ll be hooked. If you can’t make it to an early morning yoga class, there is nothing to stop you from giving yourself just 5-10 minutes in the morning to stretch out. Think about it, you have been lying down for 6-8 hours, you are obviously going to be feeling tired first thing. A good stretch can work better then a coffee.. or work well with a coffee (if you are a caffeine head like me! Both work!).

Morning Stretches
1. Stand tall, stretch up and reach for the sky, with hands together reach left to right, keeping the hips square, and chest lifted. (Looking in a mirror will help you keep correct form)
2. Lay on the floor, hug the knees into the chest and rock side to side. Drop the knees to the right (keeping them stacked) Hold for 20-30 seconds. Repeat on the left. Do as many times as you to stretch out the spine
3. Standing with on foot crossed in front of the other, forward fold to touch your feet (if you can, let the body hang. Hold 20-30 second. Repeat with the other foot crossed in front.

Be Healthy – Vegetable of the Week: Sweet Potato

I’ve experimented with every type of diet or fad there is out there. From vegan to paleo, I have done it all, successfully and not so. But at the end of the day, it is balance of the right foods that is going to keep your body functioning, as it should.

Cutting out carbs entirely is never a good thing. The wrong carbs can do havoc to your blood sugar levels, so yes, steer clear of breads, pasta and avoid too much fruit.

My obsession of the week has to be the Sweet Potato. Both filling and delicious you are giving your body a good source of fuel, keeping you full without feeling sluggish. Here are a few ways to prepare your sweet potatoes to keep your meals bursting with flavor and variety.

Steam Them!
My favorite go-to method of cooking. I steam pretty much everything; this way vegetables keep their nutrition value, flavor and color that is often lost in frying and roasting.
They taste so good like this that all you need is some light seasoning, but they are so sweet they really don’t need anything else.

Roast Them!
You can part steam them so they are slightly softened before they go in the oven, this way the maintain their moisture.
Before you pop them into the oven, drizzle with olive oil, agave, seasoning, a slash of soya sauce, crushed fresh garlic and chili flakes.. Yum.. Mouth watering just thinking about it!

Mash Them!
Simply cut the potato into chunks and throw them into slightly salted boiling water. Once soft, you drain the ‘tatos and add splash coconut milk and olive oil. Season to taste. I love to add some mustard powder just to bring some heat into the dish.

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