Welcome to The “B” Method… The Buffi Method! Be Fit, Be Strong, Be Flexible, Be Healthy. My name is Buffi Jashanmal and I am FlyBarre instructor at FlyWheel Dubai and a Personal Trainer. Having spent the last 10yrs in Fashion, I decided to make my life long hobby and passion a career, and move into… Continue reading Welcome

Finding Sisterhood through Infertility

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. On this day we celebrate the myriad contributions of women to society and the well being of the world. This international holiday has been around since 1909, as women have struggled since practically the beginning of time for equality and recognition. Even so, I didn’t really start hearing about Women’s… Continue reading Finding Sisterhood through Infertility

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A Childless Future vs Adoption

Drawing of family, felt-pens and word ADOPTION on wooden background

This isn’t an easy subject to explore, though the question does cross my mind from time to time. I try not to dwell on it for too long because the idea of facing the worst-case-scenario can feel scary. Nonetheless, there are moments when I do wonder – What happens if you reach the end of… Continue reading A Childless Future vs Adoption

Processing Infertility Rage

Close up of old English dictionary page with word anger

I’ve been uncharacteristically angry lately. Waves of rage that keep rising to the surface at unexpected times. Sometimes it’s the things that people say or the events happening around me or the sense of injustice I feel – so many things seem to trigger my anger. I’m aware that the hormonal fluctuations and disappointing outcomes… Continue reading Processing Infertility Rage

Coping When Fertility Treatment Fails

It was the perfect window to take a trip. Our workloads had eased a bit and I hadn’t seen my parents in over a year due to travel restrictions. We had this underlying sense that if we didn’t go then, we may not get another chance to. So, we jumped at the opportunity. We set… Continue reading Coping When Fertility Treatment Fails

What My First Medicated Fertility Cycle Has Been Like

Medical treatment against male or female infertility With male and female symbol

It was cycle day one, and I stood in the queue at the pharmacy anxiously waiting my turn. They had gotten new stock of the fertility medicine I’d been prescribed for our medicated cycle just in time. The first blessing.  When I got to the front of the queue, I handed the pharmacist the script… Continue reading What My First Medicated Fertility Cycle Has Been Like

Infertility & the Workplace

Policies and Procedure. Two binders on desk in the office. Business background

I had the privilege of watching some of the Noble Prize dialogues on “The Future of Work” this week. The discussions all highlighted some fascinating points about the world of work along with the direction we are headed in in the future. There is no doubt that digital advancements and what has been called the… Continue reading Infertility & the Workplace

Nurturing Your Heart on Mother’s Day whilst battling infertility

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“Despite the overwhelmingly positive narrative of Mother’s Day that we see in commercials and advertisements, we know that this is a tough day for people experiencing infertility and loss. And it is important to remember that for many, this day is even more emotionally fraught if their own mothers have passed away, if they have… Continue reading Nurturing Your Heart on Mother’s Day whilst battling infertility