Welcome to The “B” Method… The Buffi Method! Be Fit, Be Strong, Be Flexible, Be Healthy.

My name is Buffi Jashanmal and I am FlyBarre instructor at FlyWheel Dubai and a Personal Trainer. Having spent the last 10yrs in Fashion, I decided to make my life long hobby and passion a career, and move into Fitness. This was 2 years ago, and it was the best decision of my life.

I am super enthusiastic about keeping the clients motivated and entertained, exercise should be be! How else are you going to keep it up? At Flybarre, my clients know me for my singing at FlyBarre, in my one-to-one sessions, I keep clients by jumping into the session.

The secret to keeping up your healthy life style is variation and balance. This is the foundation for the B Method newsletter. Bringing to you easy exercise routines you can knock out in 5-15mins if that is all you have, that can be done anywhere, hotel room or gym. So however much time you have (or don’t), where ever you are… you have no excuse to feeling better!

There are four sections in the weekly B Method newsletter to inspire your week. Here is what I will be sharing with you:

Be Fit
The cardio section. Each week I’ll be giving you a few simple exercises to perform in a circuit style routine. With a variety of heart pumping cardio exercises you’ll never get bored, I’ll keep you challenged and motivated.

Be Strong
Strength training is a super important component of your weekly routine. Women have a huge fear they are going to bulk up.. I train 3-4 times a week with heavy weights.. so far, no bulking! You don’t need a gym for this section, body weight is more then enough. I’ll give you options if you have equipment and how to preform the exercises without equipment.

Be Flexible
As yoga addict I try and get 3-4 sessions in a week. There is no better way to start the day on the beach at sunrise. From basic stretches to yoga combinations, in the Be Flexible section of my newsletter you’ll find great ways to stretch the body to both lengthen the body and avoid injury in both daily activities and during your workouts.

Be Healthy
Healthy eating should be easy. We all have our favorite foods and dishes, throughout the years I have loved to make the “healthy” version of a usually unhealthy meal. Here you’ll find easy, delish recipes, meal replacement options for your favorite junk food meals, quick inspiring snack idea and sweet options. Being healthy does not mean starving. Being healthy means fueling yourself, cravings will go once you give your body what it needs.

Be Fertile
Nothing you need to do more ! Just follow the first four steps and Fertility will follow 😉

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