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Be Fit –  Cardio Circuit for the week

4-5mins warm up with some basic stretching light cardio.

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest (total of 1min per each exercise)

Repeat the following for as many rounds as you have time to do, do each exercise as fast as you can and then enjoy your 20-second rest.

1. Bear crawls – on all fours (hands and feet) crawl back and forth across the hall

2. Crab walks – on all fours in reverse, with hips to the sky, keep hips lifted as you walk side to side across the hall

3. Walking worms – standing straight to begin, with feet directly under the hips. Place hands onto the floor, and walk hands out until you are in a plank position. Leap your feet to meet your hands. Repeat.

4. Squat-kick. Begin with feet parallel below the hips. Squat down and kick out to the right. Squat down and kick out to the kick out to the left. Repeat.

5. Plank – Hands on the floor, body in plank. Hold.



Be Strong – Strength Training Exercise of the week

Bicep Curl with Shoulder Press on Bozu

Utilizes core strength to stabilize while working the biceps

Set Up

Sit on the bozu. To increase the challenge, bring the feet closer together. If you are struggling to balance widen the feet until you feel more comfortable on the ball



ROUND of two exercises on Bozu

1. Bicep Curl. Arms straight by the side to begin. Curl arm both arms up, flexing the bicep to full range. Repeat 15reps

2. Shoulder Press. Arms up in goal post (arms up at 90degrees out to the side in a goal post position. Press arms directly above over head. Repeat 15reps.


60seconds rest.


Repeat X 3



Be Flexible  –  


Set up

1. Inhale –

2. Exhale –

Repeat until you feel awake and refreshed



Be Healthy  – SWAPSYS

Breakfast Swap:

Whether you are lactose intolerant, cutting out milk for the short or long term can have great health benefits. But if you are finding it tough to cut out milk being a morning cereal type, go for Almond milk, the unsweetened kind.  A natural source of healthy proteins and low in calories and fat this makes for a great swap.

Lunch Swap:

Fries go well with your lunchtime sandwich right? Wrong, loaded in saturated fats these yummy greasy harmful friend potatoes are going to make you feel sluggish and heavy.  Opt for sweet potato fries, can easily make at home: slice potato, cover with olive oil, seasoning and dried parsley with a splash of honey to bring out the natural sweetness and oven back for a healthy alternative.

Dinner Swap:

Quinoa instead of rice. You can replace any dish that has rice with quinoa for a filling, high protein grain instead.  Boil up in water or add a vegan stock cube for some extra favor.


Dessert Swap:

Got a sweet tooth for ice cream.. me too! Make a healthy version using fat-free Greek yogurt, and mix with a little agave and teaspoon of natural peanut butter. Slice banana and/or throw a handful of berries over the mixture and sprinkle with cocoa nibs. The combination of healthy carbs proteins and natural sugars will hit your sweet craving with no post sugar crash.

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