Naturally Boost Fertility with these Unique Options

I looove to talk about options with my clients. I think I love that conversation so much because I remember feeling like my options were very limited when I was living with the ache of an empty womb. I was desperate and willing to do pretty much anything. If I knew then what I know now – I would have slowed my roll a bit.

The best part is that I did search for options and there are several. It was after the fact but, I had a burning desire to help other couples who were in the same boat that I had been in. And I wanted to share with them the options that I had not known existed. In that hunt, I happened upon Mercier Therapy.

Dr Jennifer Mercier developed Mercier Therapy after experiencing her own fertility challenges. Mercier Therapy is a deep abdominal massage that helps to increase blood flow to our reproductive organs. It also helps to soften adhesions and increase the mobility of the utuers and ovaries. ‘Midwifery Today’ (Spring 2013, Issue 105) published a four year, evidence based study about the effectiveness of Mercier Therapy. 83% of participants achieved pregnancy within a year of completing the protocol. The protocol is a hands on treatment of 6 hours of abdominal hips and low back soft tissue manipulation.

When I work on women with fertility challenges I get to be a part of them reconnecting with their creation space. It seems to me that when month after month we get our hopes dashed and our dreams stolen with the flow of nature, we as women, have a tendency to start to disconnect. We feel a separation from our head to our heart to our womb. There is so much power in that connection. The hands on work has a lot of amazing benefits. One of them being, the reminder of that power and that oneness. At the end of each session I love to give my client a moment to breathe. One hand on her heart and one hand on her womb, breathing into each space and pouring the love and desires from her heart into her to-be-baby’s home.

Learning some self abdominal massage techniques for fertility could be a great way to maintain or increase that connectedness to your womb space.

Mayan abdominal massage is another option to consider. It also focuses on increasing circulation and potential malpositions of the uterus.

My colleague, Lenetra King, has shared her insights on acupuncture. I am a huge fan of Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. I have used it in my own life for everything from shoulder pain to hormone balancing.

Chiropractics specializing in fertility could also be a great addition to your health support team.

It may take a few phone calls. It may even take a few appointments with new practitioners, but finding that support with trusted healers can be a huge benefit and boost to your fertility. Take some time to do the research to put together your very own team. It is one of the best ways to be your own advocate.

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