Long Day Lethargy Workout

Whether you have a long work day sat at a desk, or you are up at the crack of dawn being a rockstar full-time-mum, it is hard to fit in that workout. We all hit that afternoon slump when either a nap or a cuppa seems far easier then a workout. Be it time or location, sometimes it doesn’t seem possible to fit a workout in.

Afternoons can be a tough time to fit in a workout, especially when you are in the office. But it doesn’t have to be a full-on one hour gym session to get your body and brain back in the game without hitting the caffeine again.

Try to sneak off for a 15min session. If it is an option, take a walk outside and get some fresh air, if not find an empty conference room or any space where you can move around a little, or take a walk up the stairs!


Include these in your workout:


1 Deep Yoga Breathes:

Stand tall, one hand on the heart, other hand on the belly. Inhale through the mouth, Exhale through the noise.

Do this 5-10times until you feel relaxed


2 Alternating lunges

Begin with feet hips distance, alternate stepping out with the right and then the left into a deep lunge. Can make the exercise more dynamic by adding the arms up into the air. Repeat 15 reps per side


3 Shoulder Rotations/Chest openers

If you have been sitting at a desk all day you are prob hunched over the computer, or if you have been running after your kids, you have prob been carrying heavy bags or babies without thinking about proper posture. We are so hunched and rounded in life, as part of our daily routine we need to open our chest most and draw the shoulder blades together. Start practicing this now:

Begin standing tall, with hands by the side.

Rotate shoulders backwards.

Rotate them forwards.

Add the arms, repeat going backwards and then forwards.

Do these for a few minutes. You should feel nice and warm.

Next, place the right hand against the wall, and push your arm into the wall as you turn the body round to the left, you should feel a deep stretch across the chest. Hold for 40-60secs, and repeat on the left. Do 1-3 rounds depending on your time.



All these can be repeated for a 5-15min workout. Get moving. You’ll work better, feel better and you won’t hit that afternoon wall.

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