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If you are busy and need fast food..Make it good food.
Combine fresh zesty citrus flavors for a burst of energy with superfood Salmon for a perfectly balanced and nutritional meal.

Here is one of my fav salmon dishes that I can whip up in less then 30mins when I am super fast and hungry.
Prep time 8-10mins
Cooking time 15-20mins
What you need for 2
2 x Salmon Steaks
2 x Lemon, 1 x sliced, 1 cut in half
2 x handfuls Parsley, chopped
Garlic, minced
2 x table spoons Olive Oil
Splash soya sauce
1/4 cup Walnuts, crushed

Sides Ideas:
Baked Sweet potato
Steamed Broccoli

What you do:
1. Salmon into a backing dish
2. Turn on oven to 200.
3. In a bowl mix:
juice of 1x lemon
olive oil
soya sauce
4. pour over salmon
5. heat down to 175
6. bake for 15-20mins depending on how you like it cooked.
*whether you enjoy it with sweet potato or steamed vegs make sure you allow:
1hr for baking potato
5mins to steam broccoli
Let me know how yours turns out 🙂

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