For fertility you’ve got to Move it Move it !

blog 5 yoga poses

We have a fundamental need to move our bodies. When we live a more sedentary lifestyle with desk jobs and Netflix series to look forward to after work, it impacts us in so many ways. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Carol Welch says it perfectly, “Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, mental and emotional states.”

If you look at the picture of the tensegrity model below you can get an idea how moving our legs and hips can affect our entire pelvic bowl and our entire core. Notice how interconnected everything is. Visualize that the top of the center stick is your belly button and the bottom of the center stick is your pubic bone. With each swing of the outside sticks (legs) the middle moves as well.

blog #5 -tensegrity-pelvis

The simple motion of walking creates flow in our body. Blood flow is key to change in the reproductive viscera (ie uterus, ovaries). When we introduce fresh blood flow regularly we can help to improve our fertile health.

Walking, belly dancing, pilates, yoga… all fantastic ways to open up your hips. I have a series of hip opening yoga poses that I pass on to every fertility client that I work with and that I’ve included in this post as well. Start slow. Some of the poses are a little more challenging that others. Practice makes improvement. Be gentle and kind with yourself. It may not come easy at first but, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still supremely beneficial to your overall well being.

blog #5 - yoga poses

If movement is not a regular part of your routine, it’s ok to build up to it. Set yourself a goal to walk one mile, three times per week. Once you have successfully completed that for a few weeks, you can up your goal to walk two miles, three times per week and to do hip opening yoga poses three times per week. Adjust your goal as your life and body allows. It won’t take long before you start to notice a difference. The first place you are likely to notice a change will be in your mood. It is no secret that an improved mood comes with exercise. Releasing all those endorphins gives you a natural happy high. It’s a win win.

Healthy woman = healthy fertility = healthy pregnancy = healthy baby.

I encourage you to step up (pun intended) to this challenge and allow yourself to feel the good vibes from good moves.

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