Fertility Boosting Smoothies

If you are trying to get pregnant and you aren’t blending up some goodness you are totally missing a great opportunity. Improved health = improved fertility. What better way to bump up your health for both men and women, then by packing in some vital nutrients that our bodies need to function at an optimal level. Great tasting, belly filling, and a fertility boost to boot. 

Here’s how to build the perfect fertilicious smoothie:

STEP ONE:  Start with a non-dairy milk (nut, hemp, and flax milk are all delicious and nutritious), coconut water, or water. About 1 to 1 ½ cup of one or a mixture of any combo will do. 

STEP TWO:  Add in a good handful of some dark leafy greens. My favorites are spinach and kale. Other options include, but aren’t limited to: arugula, romaine, swiss chard, mustard greens. Dark leafy greens are a great way to help to alkalize the environment of your body. They also are a fantastic source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. If you notice that eating raw greens upsets your tummy, steam them for a few minutes first. 

Before adding additional ingredients, spin your fluids and your greens up alone to ensure a chew free blend.


One or two fruits are plenty to add in. 

I love to use organic frozen berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries) or pears or apples. These are a great source of fiber and also fantastic antioxidants. Antioxidants help to fight free radicals and oxidative stress in our body. What a great way to say, “I support my healthy eggs/sperm.”

You can use a half of a banana to add some sweetness to any smoothie. OR make it a banana smoothie with one or two whole bananas! Bananas are a great source of vitamin B6, potassium, and vitamin C. All are important for helping to produce and balance necessary hormones for ovulation and egg/sperm production.

Other fruits that are a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients are cherries, papaya, and mangoes. All make a delicious add in to smoothies. 

Side note: Fruit juice is not the same as the whole fruit. Think, all of the sugar with way less of the fiber and other nutrients that the meat of the fruit has to offer. So it is best to avoid the juice and opt in on the whole fruit.

STEP FOUR:  Good quality fats. Fat has gotten a bad rap over the years. High quality fat can help to support proper immune function, reduce inflammation in the body, as well as optimize hormone production and balance.

You can definitely find this in nut milks, hemp milk, and flax milk. Or add in half an avocado. Other great options are fresh ground flax seeds, chia seeds, and coconut oil.

STEP FIVE: Add in a booster!

Spirulina – This is the best source of plant protein available, it is jam packed with vitamins and minerals, AND it is high in antioxidants.

Royal Jelly – Great for endocrine support and egg and sperm health.

Maca – Libido enhancer, hormone balancer, and energy booster… what’s not to love?!

Ginger – Promotes circulation and helps to reduce inflammation. It also supports healthy digestion which can increase nutrient absorption. 

Follow the KISS method… Keep It Simple, Sweetheart! Why risk a belly ache by adding in way too many ingredients? It’s also best to eat smoothies right after (or shortly after) they are prepared. So every time you go to the blender it’s a new opportunity for an adventure with new blends, new flavors, and new nutrients! 

Baby dust,


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