Dear PCOS … why me ?


One of the leading causes of fertility challenges is  Polycystic ovary syndrome . Also known as PCOS. It is a hormonal disorder that affects around 10% of women that are of the reproductive age. Sad but true, that is just the women that have actually received the diagnosis. There are several symptoms that accompany PCOS such as (but not limited to): facial hair, acne, obesity, irregular cycles, painful menstruation, thinning hair, fertility challenges, fatigue, depression… it is a daunting list that goes on and on. One of the most frustrating parts about PCOS is that even with the diagnosis there is next to nothing that can be done as a treatment option. PCOS is an estrogen dominant dis-ease. Too much estrogen in the body can cause  ovulation issues. It also throws off the balance of another hormone necessary to carry a baby: progesterone.

When you are trying to conceive with PCOS the biggest challenge comes with trying to monitor or know when you ovulate. Unfortunately, your body generally doesn’t follow the typical fertile signs and symptoms or even a cycle that you can find regularity in. 

It is believed that polycystic ovaries are an inherited state. However, that does not mean there is nothing to be done about it. I don’t want you to lose hope. Now comes the good news. There is still PLENTY that you CAN do. Women like Alisa Vitti, author of ‘Woman Code’ (a book I highly recommend) have put their PCOS into remission. It will likely take some time, and it will definitely take some discipline, but it can totally be done.

I have a client who came to see me with a diagnosis of PCOS, endometriosis, AND her husband had male factor. Get this… they conceived NATURALLY! Following steps to detox your nutrition and lifestyle so that you can detox your body will improve you health. Improved health equates to improved fertility! Win, win!

Are you in?!

I thought so!

Where to begin? For starters you can follow last weeks blog post and clean up your makeup. I love how Lenetra addressed that there are several make up brands on the market that are packed with known endocrine disruptors. Our sensitive endocrine system can be greatly affected by constantly being lathered and slathered with chemicals. Then begins the trickle down affect. It starts out minor enough that we might not even notice, but with prolonged exposure the symptoms become more and more obvious and in our face (literally!). 

You don’t have to stop with your makeup, you can look at your lotions, shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes, and anything else that you put on your body. Eliminating chemicals from your life will help your body to take a breather from the front line war. It can take a break from always battling to just function. It can heal. When it starts to heal, then it can start to act as we anticipate and appreciate a healthy body to behave. Including regular cycles and regular ovulation!

This is an in-depth topic. So stay tuned and we will dive in even deeper to learn how to help to heal your body. 

Baby dust, 




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