Dear PCOS… Why ME? (Part Two)

Let’s address the elephant in the room before we get into it… Polycystic ovary syndrome  IS one of the leading causes of fertility challenges. However, it is not the ONLY cause. That being said… any article, book, blog or other that mentions foods and supplements that are beneficial to use or avoid for those with PCOS, can also be good options for someone who does not have it. So please don’t do yourself the disservice of passing up content that is geared towards someone with the diagnosis. AND, since we brought up the elephants, doing the best that you can do on any given day IS a victory. Your body is quite magical. Believe that and you are half way there. 

How about a healthy body and less PCOS symptoms?! 

Top TWO things to avoid:

1-Sugar! Check out Lenatre’s article from last week! Sugar is not your friend and can be hiding in so many places and under so many names. There are more than 50 different names for sugar that can be found on food lables and ALL should be avoided. Some of the most common are: sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, dextrose, maltose, cane juice, dextrin, dextrose, fruit juice concentrate.

2-Stress! Easier said than done? True! Mindfulness and awareness are still a step in the right direction. When our bodies operate in fight or flight more than they should, then our cortisol levels rise. Cortisol has all kinds of awesome benefits… WHEN it isn’t being over produced. Too much cortisol can cause increased blood sugars, confuse your metabolism so it stores fat rather than burns it, high blood pressure, mood swings, depression, and more! Also of importance, cortisol and progesterone have many of the same receptors in our body. Which means increased cortisol can lead to lower progesterone. Progesterone is needed to help balance estogen and is vital for the life of a embryo implanting. You can see how important stress management is. Maybe this is a great chance to reevaluate any things in your life that are causing added stress. Can you delegate some tasks? Can you make sure to include down time or ‘you’ time into everyday? Food for thought.

Top TWO things to include:

1-Fruit! Fruit IS your friend! There seems to be much debate on the natural sugars in fruit. However, fruit is loaded with nutrients, fiber and a mix of important vitamins. Whole (preferably organic) fruit is a fantastic snack and should never be consumed with guilt or fear. According to Anthony Williams, in his book ‘Medical Medium’, fruit is a top priority for fertility. We often hear phrases like, “the fruit of my labors”, “fruitful”, “fruit of my womb” and so many more than have been used for ages. On a deep level we know that fruit is a healthy and delicious choice. 

2-Another excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber is vegetables. Eat the rainbow! Every color of vegetables highlights a different and important phytonutrient. You can eat veges (preferably organic) raw, or steamed or broiled or boiled or sauteed. Just eat them in abundance! One note of caution: if you have food sensitivites or chronic inflammatory diseases take note of how night shades make you feel. Potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers may cause flare ups differently for each individual. Keeping a food journal can be beneficial to create awareness for any food that may not be your best friend.

The most important thing I hope for you to take away from this, is that PCOS can indeed be manageable. If you think you may have PCOS or you have actually been diagnosed, having that information can be of great value. I know, it isn’t always easy to make some of these suggested adjustments. From my experience, the fruit of my labors to eat and live healthier were very much worth any extra effort I put forth. Treat your body good and it will return the favor. Fruitful vibes coming your way!

Baby dust,

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