Is your cell phone impacting your fertility?


Have you ever wondered about life without cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices ? I, like many others I am sure, sometimes find myself addicted to my device, the email on it, and all of the available apps.  

For those who have followed my previous posts, you know that I am a big advocate of a “clean” bath and beauty routine and a diet foundation built on wholesome and organic foods as two major must haves for improving your odds of conception. As of late, one of the areas that has piqued my interest is the impact of cell phones and specifically electromagnetic frequency (EMF) or electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by cell phones, laptops and similar devices, and its impact on male and female fertility.

It doesn’t take a Brainiac to easily understand that radiation isn’t friendly to those TTC. But is there really a link between infertility and cell phone usage or is this just a myth ?

Several research studies and many articles can be found on just this very topic, so I recommend you do more searches to arm yourself with the knowledge to make your own decisions about cell phone and laptop usage, which for many, are a necessity in this day and age.

Unfortunately, there are not decades worth of data available on the impact of prolonged cell phone use and female infertility. For men, however, significantly more research has been conducted and it has been validated that EMR can have a negative impact on sperm health.

If you’re not planning to throw out your nifty gadget anytime soon, consider limiting daily cell phone time— which can be hard to do, I know ! Other handy tips:

·       Turn off your cell phone when possible. As long as the cell phone is in the “On” position, it is emitting low levels of EMR. Some scientists say the jury is still out on the impact of endocrine and hormonal disruption in females by EMR, but enough speculation is present to where those couples who are TTC should at least consider.  

·       When the cell phone is “On,” be sure to use handsfree mode and always try to keep the phone at a distance when you are idle – whether at work, or at home to minimize exposure to the EMR.

·       For men, try to limit the amount of time that the cell phone is attached closely to your body. Definitely keep it off of your belt buckle (where it is most convenient for many men) just due to the proximity of the cell phone EMR to the male reproductive organs. Try to find another way to carry your cell phone without doing this. 

As I said earlier, you’ll want to do additional research – it is always best to get as much information as you can to formulate your own decisions. My hope is that by raising topics that you may not have previously pondered, gives you another area to add to your list of helpful things to do to as you are on the journey to getting that BFP. I want you to at least have this as a conversation piece along with the myriad of other things you already have on your list to maximize your fertility and improve your odds of conceiving ! 

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