Can Endometriosis end? (Part 3)


Medical Therapies, Alternative Therapies (NATURAL, ACUPUNCTURE, YOGA)

As discussed earlier endometriosis should be diagnosed clinically first therefore the management also mostly based on two most common symptoms i.e Pain and infertility. (consider other important causes of such pain, including ectopic pregnancy, pelvic infection, and ovarian torsion).

Medical treatment of minimal or mild endometriosis has not been shown to increase pregnancy rates. Moderate to severe endometriosis should be treated surgically.The dependence of endometriosis on the woman’s cyclic production of menstrual cycle hormones provides the basis for medical therapy.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have been studied extensively in randomized controlled trials for the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea and are of proven efficacy. Although studies that focus solely on use of NSAIDs for endometriosis are lacking, these agents are widely used because of their acceptable side effects, reasonable cost, and ready availability.

*** Consult your physician with regards to the best form of medical treatment for you


The Ayuverdic, Traditional Chinese Medical experience and some preliminary evidence suggest that herbal medicine, physical therapy, diet and nutrition, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, use of specific supplements, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other complementary approaches may result in reduction of pain and contribute to the treatment of endometriosis in some women, as well as improve health-related quality of life.


SCIENTIFIC STUDIES on these dietary supplements(SHITAKE AND GANODERMA LUCIDUM MUSHROOM ) strongly suggest the presence of anti inflammatory ingredients, leading to analgesic effects and , immunity enhancement improves the quality of life a person confronting any chronic ailment of disputed complete recovery including Endometriosis being the depressing disease of womenhood.

Recent studies on effects of Curcumin(turmeric) in mice (J.Annas,H.Hendearto,Widjiati in Indonesia) confirmed endometriosis strongly responded to increasing dose of curcumin . Further studies needed.

Acupressure is a traditional healing practice that is based on the same principles as acupuncture. Instead of applying needles to acupuncture points, pressure is applied. A point that is often recommended by acupuncturists for menstrual cramps is called Spleen 6. Although there are only preliminary studies on acupressure for menstrual cramps, it is a simple home remedy that is often recommended by alternative practitioners. Acupressure to the Spleen 6 point should not be done if you are pregnant. It should also not be done over broken or infected skin

Yoga can help alleviate common endometriosis symptoms, specially, pain. Women with endometriosis can experience such pain-related symptoms as painful periods, pelvic pain and pain during intercourse. It can also help to alleviate fertility problems that are a result of endometriosis.

Clinical evidences favours the facts that:

  • Superficial surgical and medical treatments often fail
  • Combined intervention may provide maximized outcome
  • No strong evidence that medical treatment improves fertility
  • Rationale is to induce amenorrhea(no periods) or pseudo pregnancy and create hypoestrogenic environment, theoretically inhibiting growths and promoting temporary regression
  • Side effects may be intolerable for some
  • Symptoms can recur upon cessation of therapy
  • Fertility eliminated during treatments as medical suppression inhibits ovulation
  • Selection of medical therapy depends on therapeutic effectiveness, tolerability, drug cost, physician experience, and expected patient compliance

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