Can Endometriosis end?

DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS: Absence of evidence during exam is not an evidence of disease absence IMAGING STUDIES Diagnostic imaging may be helpful in the endometriosis diagnosis, but it is not without drawbacks and limitations. Transvaginal or endorectal ultrasonography may reveal ultrasonographic features varying from simple cysts to complex cysts with internal echoes to solid masses, usually… Continue reading Can Endometriosis end?

Can Endometriosis end? (Part 3)

Medical Therapies, Alternative Therapies (NATURAL, ACUPUNCTURE, YOGA) As discussed earlier endometriosis should be diagnosed clinically first therefore the management also mostly based on two most common symptoms i.e Pain and infertility. (consider other important causes of such pain, including ectopic pregnancy, pelvic infection, and ovarian torsion). Medical treatment of minimal or mild endometriosis has not been… Continue reading Can Endometriosis end? (Part 3)

Infertility Injections

Most patients aren’t aware that in an IVF cycle a woman may be required to take several injections of medications and hormones. Staff nurse Reela explains this slightly traumatizing aspect of infertility medicine and how she helps patients overcome their fear of needles.