You got to tell yourself you love these!
This is a full body work out like the sun salutations. SO a great way to get the body moving, tone up and if you only have 5 mins the perfect workout.

Whether its your morning 5min work out or added into your workout routine, Burpees raise the heart rate and utilize all the main muscle groups. You’ll be toning your arms, working the core and burning the thighs.

Here is the basic burpee in 5 easy steps. Repeat 5 – 10 times.

1. Start standing. Feet hips width apart. Arms by your side.

2. Bring your hands down to the floor. Squat down.

3. Jump both feet back together into a plant position. Shoulders over the hands. Gaze slightly in front, do not look down to your feet, keep the neck long. Legs are straight and arms are strong.

4. Jump the feet back together to meet the hands.

5. Jump up, reach up and clap!

.. repeat 5 – 10 times for a good quick morning wake up workout, a good warm up before your work out. You can even add a round of these within a circuit of 2-3 different exercises in your gym routine.

Have fun!! Remember smiling and laughing helps!

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