Be Fit! Be Strong! Be Flexible! in 15

15mins is all you need for this workout to tick all boxes if you really are slammed for time.. or a good way to get yourself started into a regular workout habit

This mini workout is a great way to get the day started, and get the heart pumping while engaging your target muscle groups. Great for beginners, and great for those with minimum time.




Warm up (2mins):

5 X deep breathes: legs wide, stand with slightly bent knees. Inhale arms over head, exhale and fold over the legs. RPT.
30 secs Jog on spot
30 secs jump jacks (see picture below)
30 secs squat-kick (narrow stance, squat down, and alternating kicks as you stand up — PICTURED BELOW)

BE FIT (5mins)

1 40 seconds Jump jacks/20 secs rest


2 —  40 Squat-twists/20 secs rest – wide stance, hands up by the ears. Squat deep, as you stand up, rotate through torso, and bring opp. elbow to opp. knee. keep alternating


3 —  8 x Burpees

4 —  40 seconds Jump jacks/20 secs rest

5 —  40 Squat-twists/20 secs rest




BE STRONG (5mins)

1 —  15 x wide push-ups. Repeat X 2


2 —  40secs plank


3 —  15 x tricep dips. Repeat X 2


4 —  40 secs plank
5 — 40 reps wide squats/ with 15sec hold at bottom X 2



1) Hamstring Stretch – Raise leg on bed, table, as high as you comfortably can while maintaining a straight leg. Hips square. Inhale arms up and fold over the leg. Hold 30secs/side.


2) Quad Stretch – Standing tall, pick up the right foot, with right hand behind you, with knee bend and pointing down. Push hip bones forward to increase stretch in the front of the thigh. RPT on the left. Hold 30secs/side.


3) Chest Stretch – Place right hand on wall, push the body round to the left to open chest. Hold 30 secs. Repeat with left

chest stretch

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