Tick Tick Tick

Cheers, dear readers, Thank you once again for joining Eric and I and Conceive Hospital as we share our story with you, in the hopes of giving you your own voice for those dealing with infertility and all that that journey brings with it. As Eric said, sometimes simply knowing that we are not alone… Continue reading Tick Tick Tick

Welcome Aboard

When Daamini and the team at Conceive asked us to participate in this project, to chronicle our experiences and share our “journey”, I didn’t realize how apt a choice of words that would prove to be. Looking at it now, far along, perhaps ahead of you a few steps but by no means at the… Continue reading Welcome Aboard

Kitten Therapy

Kitten Therapy

Cheers, dear readers, Thank you for joining me again to hear more about my journey and struggles with infertility. Your wonderful comments and support for the humble beginnings of this blog as well as support of Conceive Hospital are truly appreciated and we value your input and thoughts. A couple of months after I was… Continue reading Kitten Therapy

Hello from Cathy


Cheers, dear readers, I am honored to be able to share my story and my experiences here for the benefit of anyone who finds themselves on a journey that they did not expect for themselves. Allow me to introduce myself… My name is Cathy Broadwell, and I am an infertility survivor. Let me start by… Continue reading Hello from Cathy