Udder Etiquette 101

Cheers, dear readers, Cathy here again. (Next week is Eric’s week.) Last that I left you, I had just gotten through the experience of having dye injected through my fallopian tubes with un-stellar and unwanted results. I was shocked, upset, and desperately trying to keep my sh*t together as we walked down this road, Eric… Continue reading Udder Etiquette 101

The Measure of a Man

Modern medicine is a marvel. Today, scientists and doctors can see, count and even photograph things at incredibly tiny scales, and measure such a vast array of metrics, characteristics and processes that it truly boggles the lay person’s mind. (Or at least mine anyway.) This is wonderful, amazing stuff. It can, however, get a wee… Continue reading The Measure of a Man

It Takes Two To Tango

Cheers, dear readers, It’s Cathy speaking here continuing my story of our infertility journey. All of your supportive and heartfelt comments are very inspiring and well received. I hope that what we write here continues to help some of you feel not alone if you are also struggling with trying to conceive a child. So… Continue reading It Takes Two To Tango

Sweet Anticipation

Cheers, dear readers,It’s Cathy here speaking on behalf of Conceive Hospital sharing my story of our infertility journey. I appreciate anyone reading along becoming more aware of other’s struggles, while making an effort to try to understand the ups and downs of attempting to conceive. As my story continues… After my close friend conceived literally… Continue reading Sweet Anticipation