" This week was our medical laboratory technology field trip to a unique IVF center which is called Conceive for Gynaecology and Fertility. Wow, that’s what could I say when we entered the theater and the labs that are fully supplied by marvelous machines and equipments. Not only that, we were very pleased and it was an honor for us to meet the owner of this center, Dr. Pankja. After this trip, I have believed that the world and science is keep developing and nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. Finally, I thank health department and especially Dr. Nishi for giving us this opportunity to see how crucial is our major. "
Amna Saleh Al Hammadi
" Words are not enough to describe the feelings a woman undergoes on becoming a mother. Our feelings of joy and gratitude at finally being able to hold our own little bundle of joy after 12 years of marriage were immeasurable. I had come to Dr. Pankaj Shrivatsav almost on the verge of giving up. I had undergone an ectopic pregnancy, which ended with a surgery and also a miscarriage. I was very dejected and had lost the little hope i had. When we met Dr Pankaj, he was very encouraging, kind and professional. He made us very comfortable and handled us in a very sensitive manner. He and his team made us feel so much at home that every visit to the clinic was looked forward to. The encouragement and support given to us left us looking forward with new hope. I conceived soon after and it really felt that the whole team celebrated with us. I continued going there and they supported us through the whole period. Every one was always courteous and patient with our queries. They made me feel that my baby was as precious to them as it was to us. My baby was born and her first visit out was to the clinic. We were welcomed with much joy. The warmth and kindness Dr. Pankaj and his team showed us will never be forgotten. When we whisper a small prayer of thanks for the gift of our daughter to god, there’s a prayer for the lovely people who made it possible. "
S.S. (Bangalore, India)
" Our Gynaecology and infertility Centre has been dealing with Dr. Pankaj and his clinic for the last 9 years. We believe it is one of the best centres in the region with a success rate of approx 40% for pregnancy. The centre has become a centre of excellence for infertile couples not only in the UAE but the whole of GCC. The running of the centre is of International standards and the outcome / results are better than some of the European counterparts/ centres. We wish them, All the Best and hope they continue to grow. "
Dr. (Mr.) Dabeer A. Salaria, MD, FRCOG ( London ) UK Consultant Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, Infertility & IVF Specialist Director, Bahrain Gynaecology & Infertility Centre
" Words cannot express enough how grateful we are for everything Dr. Pankaj Srivastav has done for us…..He has given us t the BEST gift of our lives….’our two gorgeous girls!’ A personal note : Doc, Thank you for your patience and support on this rather emotional rollercoaster of a treatment. We feel very fortunate to have been under your care and we appreciate your expertise, professionalism, and most of all your the kindness. You are a great human being and definitely a gifted miracle worker. May you continue to offer confidence, hope and blessings of parenthood to many many more. "
Ritu and Anil Manghnani (Dubai, UAE)
" We were longing to meet pankaj while we were in kuwait because he shares the same as our son. then we came to uae and when i first met him in a concert we fell in love with him. He is a very efficient and extremely hard-working and compassionate clinician, an extremely successful gyneacologist with several feathers in his cap. we think he may have to put another cap to fix those feathers. as a person he is extremely charming and anybody will love him on first meeting. With him around it was like having our own son pankaj with us. we will be doing injustice if we did not comment on his family. he is blessed with a very capable and loving wife and two extremely intelligent girls. we wish him all round progress. it has been a pleasure working with him. "
Dr. Maya Shrivastav (Los Angeles, USA
" When we met Dr. Pankaj 12 years ago, we were very touched by the kind of rapport he built up with us almost immediately. Then we realised that this is the kind of person he is, you meet him once and you feel like you have known him for years. He always has a smile on his face which makes you feel at ease without ever having met him before. He is a gentle man who loves to make other people really enjoy themselves As a professional, there are very few words that can be used for a man whose life is dedicated to helping people start a family. He is one of the best at what he does, and the results of all his hard work are clear to see. There are so many families around us today that exist because he was there to guide them and help them start. About his wife and family they all are carrying the same quality of Dr. Pankaj especially. Dr.Nishi- she is a lovely woman just as joyous as the man himself. We enjoy so much of his company, we feel proud to have such a wonderful friend. Together they make a lovely family and we wish them the very best that life has to offer. "
V & P. B. (Dubai, UAE)
" We need to thank Dr. Pankaj for giving us our beautiful daughter , he is a wonderful doctor. "
" اسلام علیکم Alhumdolilah, we are happy and conceived in first attempt. Conceive! Like a family. Thanks to Dr. Pankaj and his team who made it possible with their hard work and sincerity. I would like to put one quote which I like most & especially for Dr. Pankaj, “The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others.” May ALLAH help him, and give more success in his profession. AMEEN, وعليكم سلام "
Mr & Mrs Kaleem
" My life’s dream came true, when my wife gave birth to the Baby Girl on 25th February 2012 (Saturday) in India(Tamil Nadu). It was the most amazing, unforgettable event in our lives and we`ll cherish it always. After 14 years of our married life, It could not have happened without Dr.Pankaj`s dedicated, sincere, professional and ethical efforts. He is a great doctor and a great person who made our family a complete one. His staff are encouraging, courteous, and has made all our visits enjoyable. He has an awesome group of staff who really care about their patients. He is truly the best. From the moment I called Conceive Hospital, I knew this was the place I`d been searching for and that feeling of relief and excitement was reaffirmed. I thank Dr.Pankaj for listening and caring about my wishes and thank for giving confidence in myself and to my wife. I and my wife came in with a heavy heart, when we came to conceive for the first time and we both left with a spring in our step "
" Dr Shrivastav is a messiah not only to us but to many like us who fail to conceive naturally. A thorough gentleman with a no non-sense attitude. He is responsible for us becoming parents of 2 beautiful and adorable kids, mashallah. I thank Allah for bestowing the necessary skills, patience and intelligence to the doctor to "make us a family!" "
Lubna & Zuber Kazi
" My first memory of Dr Pankaj is still very vivid in my head . I was hyperventilating before I met him and at the meeting the anxiety converted into disbelief and anger . I was in his clinic when he told me that I will not conceive without fertility treatment? I was in shock! I have seen that happen to a lot of people. You do go to a infertility speciality knowing fully well that there is a problem but when are told that there is a problem – you just cannot handle it I don’t know what hurt me more – the fact that he was so sure about it or the fact that he was so casual about it. Of course I realized later that he sees zillions of wanna be moms with the same range of emotions everyday But 6 months later all was forgotten as I was pregnant via ICSI and had our first born – beautiful and picture perfect in every way Dr Pankaj was and continues to be nothing short of a Demi God for our family. He seems to have a placebo effect on me regardless of the nature of the crisis. For a clinic and a doctor so busy they have all the time in the world for their patients –Even their telephone ring has a comforting sound to it ! . In Dr Pankaj we found not only the finest doctor who is an expert in his field but also an extremely humble human being. "
N.K. (Dubai, UAE)
" I enjoyed the visit to Conceive - The Gynecology and Fertility Centre, where we saw the advanced equipments which are used in the center. We were lucky to see the things that we studied in theory. "
Maythaa Abdulla Juma Meftah(
" First of all , we will thank Dr Pankaj and his team for making our family complete with lovely twin baby boy & girl born on 31 Aug 2012. We, being ourself Doctor parents, are proud to say that Dr Pankaj acted as God-on-Earth after my parents. We met Dr Pankaj in 2009 and it was the first meeting that made us feel comfortable & confident about the result. Though , we had failures but never gave us our hope because of faith & confidence in Dr Pankaj. We always felt jaelous about the personality of Dr. Pankaj as very kind, passionate and always smiling man. We can never forget the happiness given to us by becoming parents. We wish that more needed family will be benefited by the service of this hospital. We thank again the whole team of Dr Pankaj and pray to god to give him long life to help others. "
Dr Vinita & Dr Ravindra, Fujairah Hospital, UAE
" Dr Pankaj...for me is...my God-on-earth after my parents....who gave me the wonderful opportunity and made my dream come true to become a Mother to the most beautiful baby...my son Gautam is really a Miracle Baby...thanks to my Dr Pankaj. For 13 long years of my marriage...I tried everything to just have ONE BABY....it was hard to see my friends all have babies of their own and I could not understand why God did not give me one of my own till one fine day I heard about this wonderful man and went to see him...and there started my journey to my my goal...to become a Mother.... Dr Pankaj was very confident...very sure of what he was doing....he has a way of making each patient very special...he is quite blunt..but for me that is the adorable side of him...cos I cant see no flaws in him. Within 6 months I conceived Gautam....an ABSOLUTE JOY..that I was finally PREGNANT and was expecting a baby!! The whole team with Dr Pankaj were sooo wonderful...so patient and understanding. I remember the number of times I would call the clinic....if I did not feel the kick or any movement...also the number of times I would just turn up at the clinic and when Dr P would see me....he would say "Oh No why are you back again??" and I would say "Just give me a room in your clinic for the next few months till I deliver...". I knew I was in the right hands with Dr Pankaj and his extremely super efficient team. I wanted him to deliver my baby but unfortunately he could not...:-)) I felt safe with him. I want the whole wide world to know this Man is God-sent and has Magic in his hands....!! I could go on and on....but all I can say is....God bless you Dr Pankaj...trust me you are the Real Man who has made soooo many women sooo very happy in their lives....God bless you. "
A.S. (Dubai, UAE)
" To people he is known as Doctor Pankaj. However to many others like me, who have had issues and difficulties in conception, He is an “Angel sent by God”. I had been married for ten years, without having ever conceived. I had consulted various top fertility specialists in Dubai and India, without meeting any success. At this point, my husband and I were totally devastated, discouraged and we were almostready to give up this “emotionally and physically draining journey of trying in futile for a baby”. It was nerve breaking for us and we felt a huge vacuum in our lives due to the absence of a child, whom we so longed for. But I guess God had some other plans for us and it was then that we met Dr Pankaj at his fertility clinic (Conceive) in Sharjah. In the first meeting itself, Dr Pankaj was very encouraging and reassuring. Initially I was very nervous but that soon subsided as soon as I met Dr Pankaj and the whole process / procedure was explained to us in detail and my entire treatment took place comfortably at the clinic. It was at the clinic that we met various other people from literally all around the world who were in the “same shoes as us” and were facing similar struggles in conceiving a baby. Within two months of starting my treatment (ICSI) with Dr Pankaj, we found out that I was pregnant and our joy was unfounded. We were overwhelmed. It was hard to believe that after years of trying for a child, we were finally blessed and there was a tiny life growing in my womb. We are ever so grateful and thankful to Dr Pankaj for this miracle. Needless to say, most of the couples who receive treatment through Dr Pankaj meet with success. Dr Pankaj and his staff at Conceive, were always very co-operative and understanding and always ready on hand to answer any queries that we had. Our experience at Dr Pankaj’s clinic during our term of treatment was always very professional, caring and personalized. From our first consultation to the time I delivered, I always received top-notch care and attention based on Dr Pankaj’s extensive experience and knowledge in this field. We cannot express enough gratitude to Dr Pankaj and his entire staff at Conceive for guiding us through this entire journey / process with so much love, dedication and support. We are very thankful to God and Dr Pankaj and his entire team for giving us the biggest joy of our lives. We cannot thank you ENOUGH. We would not have been to experience the happiness and pleasure of having a child if it hadn’t been for Dr Pankaj and his team at Conceive. "
K.S. (Dubai, UAE)
"My wife's pregnancy was diagnosed as 'high risk pre-term' during week 28 by her gynecologist. We were then referred to Dr. Pankaj by a friend for a second opinion. The moment we met Dr. Pankaj our stress and anxiety subsided significantly due to his positive aura and a straight forward professional approach. Dr. Pankaj guided my wife through tests and examinations and with evidence based diagnosis ruled out the possibility of 'high risk pre-term pregnancy'. Following his advice my wife delivered a healthy child in week 37. Dr. Pankaj is one of those rare medical specialists who not only have a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and abilities but are also emotionally intelligent and capable of empathizing with their patients. We will always be grateful to Dr. Pankaj."
"After two years of trying with other doctors and clinics, we finally had our twins with the help of Dr Pankaj Shrivastav and the team at Conceive. We were successful with our first IVF cycle.Dr Pankaj understood our concerns and picked up the issue we had straight away, where three other doctors had not. We are very fortunate to have been under Dr Pankash's care for our treatment and we appreciate his and his staff's expertise, professionalism, kindness and caring.We are very grateful to Conceive for everything they have done to bring us our two babies and highly recommend the clinic."
"Dear  Dr Pankaj
I want to thank you on behalf of my mummy and daddy.  They struggled for a long time to find me, but never gave up.  They found you, and knew from the very first meeting that you were someone special.  Your expertise, care and frankness were exactly what they needed, and you drew a magical map and guided them down the tough road to meet me just a few months ago.  Whilst i love to keep them up at night to talk to them about anything and everything, my favourite time is wrapped up in their arms.  Thank you for helping us find one another.
Also, can i please say hello and thank you to all the lovely Conceive team who i heard from inside making mummy laugh through every injection, scan and check up...
With love and light, Dr P"
Baby G

"Conceive made my dream comes true ! After so many frustration, disappointments , and loss of hope from many clinics in dubai who knew rarely how to approach their patients in such delicate and sensitive moment, i checked in in Conceive . It was referred to me by many women. I went with no hope or expectations. Just didnt want to give up and to give me one last chance.  I met with Dr Pankaj, such a humble and kind hearted man, who never discouraged me or put in my mind negative thoughts. He just believed i could try one more time . And it worked ! I am pregnant of 5 months of a little girl . I will never thank him enough as well as his full team, amazing staff in JLT and Sharjah. From Dayana the receptionist who always treat you as special and welcome you with a big smile , to Alexandra the nurse who is always full of positivity, to the lady in the echo room who is full of reassurance , to Dr Gilbert, who followed me during my 3 months pregnancy and always found the right words to reassure me . I also loved his team in Sharjah : the anesthesist Dr Aziz, who prayed for me to have twins and told me in my ears “ this time is the right one “ . As well as all the nurses who work there and with Dr Pankaj.

He has an amazing team , and his an amazing doctor.

Yes the clinic in Sharjah is not a 5 stars , but i went to a 5 stars clinic, paid so much and had failure after failure . So at this stage i didnt look at the clinic anymore but wanted just to have result and be surrounded by positive people."

" I just want to say THANK YOU! and I thank GOD for using Dr. Pankrash to be His instrument in bringing SMILE to couples who have problems in infertility. "
"When we met Dr. Pankaj 12 years ago, we were very touched by the kind of rapport he built up with us almost immediately. Then we realised that this is the kind of person he is, you meet him once and you feel like you have known him for years.

He always has a smile on his face which makes you feel at ease without ever having met him before. He is a gentle man who loves to make other people really enjoy themselves.As a professional, there are very few words that can be used for a man whose life is dedicated to helping people start a family. He is one of the best at what he does, and the results of all his hard work are clear to see. There are so many families around us today that exist because he was there to guide them and help them start.

About his wife and family they all are carrying the same quality of Dr. Pankaj especially. Dr.Nishi- she is a lovely woman just as joyous as the man himself. We enjoy so much of his company, we feel proud to have such a wonderful friend. Together they make a lovely family and we wish them the very best that life has to offer."
V & P. B. (Dubai, UAE)
"Miracles do happen"
I went to Conceive with no expectation and no knowledge. I walked in for an appointment with Dr. Pankaj and instantly he got me giggling and speaking my heart out to him with ease. He made me do a series of tests that deduced I was insulin resistant therefore the poor quality of eggs and therefore recurring miscarriages. Over the course of the year that I saw him and his team, they made me super comfortable and at the top and bottom end was the word Faith!
An unbelievable man, with an unbelievable conviction and dedication and immense love towards all his patients and their "conceived babies"...God bless and lots of success always.
M.T. (Dubai, UAE)
"Dr Pankaj, as well as being one of the top infertility specialists in the world, is a wonderful, altruistic human being. After going through a deeply demoralising experience at one the (so called) top IVF clinics in London, we had all but given up. We moved to Dubai for a career opportunity and to move on from the disappointment. In Dubai we heard about Dr Pankaj and made an appointment to see him.

He was so positive, professional and took time to discuss everything with us; we felt immediately we were in the right hands. He told us our odds but seemed confident that we could have our longed for baby. After the first appointment, everything happened so quickly (unlike the UK where there were always interminable waits)... I was pregnant though ICSI within 2 months!! The whole time Dr Pankaj and his team were fantastic and the whole experience was as relaxed as infertility treatment can possibly be. The atmosphere at the clinic was always so positive and the staff efficient and caring. And the clinic`s impressive results speak for themselves!!"
"Dear Doctor, May God Blessings be with you always…. We are not able to express our feeling in words when we heard that we were going to become a father and mother after 7 years of our marriage life. We thank God for using Dr. Pankaj for shedding as a new light in our life by giving as Gods great gift “our lovely daughter Johanna” on 18 June 2011.

We have visited several hospitals in India & abroad, but when we visited Conceive we felt that we had come to the right place. The doctor and his team were very friendly and the Clinic was very clean. We would like to thank doctor and his team for giving as the right treatment and for care and treat given to us like for a family member.
RAM & SR (Dubai)
"I have known Dr. Pankaj for the last 20 years. During his time he pioneered and set up a dedicated Gynaecology and Fertility Hospital, aptly named “Conceive”. This hospital is in the best location possible and is fully equipped to a very high standard. It is staffed with highly trained and dedicated professionals. It has won acclaim in the Emirates as well as other Gulf countries. The hospital also treats patients from many other countries.

I have been a consultant Gynaecologist/Obstetrician in the U.A.E. for over 34 years. I can vouch for the excellent results of the treatment meted out at Conceive by Dr. Pankaj and his team. I refer all my infertility cases to Dr. Pankaj Shrivastav. He is an excellent human being and one could not ask for a better colleague and a dearer friend."
Dr. (Mrs.) K. Gill B.SC, M.B., F.R.C.O.G. Consultant ‘A’ Gynaecologist/Obstetrician
"Conceive is a unique place ... I used to be with one of the best and very famous doctor in Paris but nothing to be compared with Doctor Pankash and his team. They are the most professional team ever and their kindness -and we need some into that journey- is just endless ...Every woman willing to have a baby should come to Conceive ... this place is the right place, the best one , the sole one to consider ... with no doubt Conceive is a unique place ... I used to be with one of the best and very famous doctor in Paris but nothing to be compared with Doctor Pankash and his team. They are the most professional team ever and their kindness -and we need some into that journey- is just endless ...Every woman willing to have a baby should come to Conceive ... this place is the right place, the best one , the sole one to consider ... with no doubt "
" I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr.Pankaj and his entire team for all their efforts.I` am still looking forward for that miracle to happen.But what a genius doctor he is, I haven`t seen a professional, perfectionist like him.I have to admit that I admire every thoughtful, right & timely decision that he makes.No wonder he is the pioneer.How meticulous, patient care he provides! The entire staff is very duty conscious.Overall every couple who is trying to conceive must visit Dr.Pankaj.You will be in safe hands.God Bless you Dr.Pankaj, and your family "
Dr.Shylaja Suresh
" Glad there is a place i can tell people out there about my experience in conceive. i suffered alot did 7 ivf treatmeant and was really davestated untile god lead me to doctor bankaj through a new friend she told me she got pregnant with triplets twice in conceive . my first and last visit was all i needed . this doctor is a great man he said why you did all this ivf you dont need this kind of treatment and gave me unsulin treatment .after 2 month i got pregnant !!!!! that was a surprise i couldnt believe and now i have my lovely baby girl thank god there is this kind of smart and profesional doctors in the uae "
safia mohamd
" I had been married for last 4 years and already had one IVF from here at the best hospital in Lahore(pakistan) which wasnt successful. Had lost all hope after that.Heard about Dr. Pankaj from one of the gynaecologist i knew..... Thnanfully it turned out sucessful........Just want to say one line about Dr. Pankaj" He is an angel for me.All the prayers and blessings for him" . Wish he could also visit Pakistan to assist so many infertile who cant afford coming to UAE. "
"It is now almost 25 years that Dr Pankaj and I have known each other, both as friends as well as working colleagues. We started out as colleagues in London in1988, both learning the art and science of IVF when it was still in its infancy, and when the opportunity came to set up a new IVF unit in faraway Dubai, we both jumped at the chance to see a new country and take on a new challenge. I have fond memories of our times together when we set up the Fertility Centre in 1991 and ran it together till 1997 when I returned to Malaysia.. As the face of the unit, I recall the skepticism, difficulties and challenges you had to endure and overcome as you strived to develop it into a world class unit. And as the number of babies born from our efforts built up, so did the reputation.

Fast forward another 15 years, and I see that you now have a fantastic setup, as good as any IVF centre worldwide. That no doubt sets a benchmark for other IVF clinics in region. And as we all know, it is the standard of the doctor, laboratory and staff that determines pregnancy rates for patients. By investing in the best equipment and training, hiring the best staff, and having so many years of experience in the field, I can see why you have maintained such high pregnancy rates continuously over so many years. I wish you continued success, which in turn means so many more babies for all the patients who come daily with so much hope and dreams in their eyes."
Dr. Prashant Nadkarni – Consultant Fertility Specialist
" Dr. Pankaj and his team changed my life forever. I came to them heartbroken, after a stillbirth in my late 30s left me with blocked tubes. They became like family as they guided me and supported me through the rigours of IVF treatment. I had an unwavering faith in Dr. Pankaj because he was clever, competent, caring and utterly honest. My daughter, Tara, is a testament to their skills and a complete joy to us. "
Anna (Anita) Thomas Chacko (Dubai, UAE)
" After seeing hundreds of doctors, Dr. Pankaj is the first doctor who truly satisfied me and treated me exactly the way I was required to be treated. I might be his youngest patient and my case was too general for him, yet he treated me like all his other patients and gave me the satisfaction that I will be perfectly fine very soon. I am still a patient of Dr. Pankaj and I trust him to an extent that I am sure one day I will be saying goodbye to PCOS!! Thank you Dr.Pankaj...you`re truly a role model for all the doctors out here... "
Maria Azam(Sharjah, UAE)
" A little while ago I had an alarming experience in the gaenecology department of a hospital in the UAE - I was told after an internal examination that I needed immediate surgery as I had a growth that could well be cancerous. Fortunately I decided to get a second opinion at the Conceive clinic of which I had heard excellent reports. From the moment I entered the door I felt that I was in good hands. I was treated with the utmost courtesy and was shown almost immediately into Dr Pankaj`s surgery for a consultatation, during which I was greeted warmly and treated like an intelligent individual (this was actually a first for me as I have generally found medical consultants to be lofty and condescending manner - in the UK at least). The examination that followed in the state- of- the- art examination room was quite painless and I was given a step by step explanation of the procedure and findings that removed any potential stress from situation. As it turned out, I was given the all clear and left the clinic a little later that morning walking on air as I felt I had been given my life back. I would highly recommend the Conceive clinic as a place where you will be cared for and treated as though you were one of the family. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I feel eternally indebted to Dr Pankaj and his medical team. "
C.R.E. (Brighton, UK)
" Dear Dr.Pankaj, First of all we would thanks to your organization which guide us to achieve the result in the treatment .We are happy to say that it is not possible to achieve without your support and co-ordination. Again your organization proved one of the best fertilize clinic in the region. Thanks to you people for giving me clearance and right now we are consulting in Fujairah. But still we will come to you in frequently for guidance and consult .Finally we wish bright future for your organization that become achieve more goals on near future. Thank for your cooperation in this respect, "
Asim Shabir
" I have known doctor Pankaj now for over a decade and for me he is more than just a doctor. Although, I was a bit apprehensive when I first started my treatment, once I was under his care he took over just like a captain on a ship, always gentle but firm and super confident. He was always super positive and always made me feel extremely comfortable. There may be many patients just like me for whom he is a Godsend and I can never thank him enough for what he has done for me. I wish him the best in all his future endeavors and hope he can always continue doing the good work that he has been doing. Dear doctor, you have the blessings and good wishes of all your patients. Always shine bright! "
Aishwarya Popley (Dubai, UAE)
" My family has known Dr. Pankaj for many years. So even before I came to him, I already knew that I would be in good hands. He is very friendly, which would help everyone’s initial nervousness. He is very efficient and systematic. He will grasp the situation and come up with an action plan quickly after he has asked you all the relevant questions. Even though his daily schedule is very busy, he is always ready to talk. He explains things to you with great confidence, since he really knows what he is doing. He is always very energetic, from room to room and patient to patient, which gives the place a great vibe. “Things are happening here!” His team members are very friendly, from the reception, to the injection room, and to the operation theatre. They are always ready to listen, to help and to encourage. They are really there for you, wishing you the best all the way, and sharing your worries or happiness. I have really enjoyed my experiences with Dr. Pankaj and his team. Our daughter was born to us earlier this year, which has brought us immense joy and sense of blessing. "
G.Y. (China)
" Dr Pankaj is not only an amazing doctor but a great person too. I was treated by him for my 3rd child. I was a mother to 2 beautiful girls, wanted to try my hands on for a male baby. So I met Dr Pankaj and he clearly ruled out all treatments for me. And with a mutual consent we went ahead wit IUI, where in he was very clear I dint have 100 % chances of a male baby but we went ahead. And by Gods Grace we were blessed with a Baby Girl who we welcomed with open arms , our beautiful child has got all the luck to our family. We thank God and Dr Pankaj for giving us this beautiful gift without whom it may not have been possible. Concieve clinic comprises of a very Professional team wherein their staff is fully trained to deal with all cases. I always wish Dr Pankaj great success as I know he is gifted with helpful hands whereby women who havent conceived in years do so after they are treated by him. He is the Best. Love you always dear Dr Pankaj. "
P.A. (Dubai, UAE)
" There a several good doctors in Dubai but what makes a great doctor is the ability to explain. Dr. Pankaj is perhaps the only doctor I`ve met who so gracefully explains to his patients the health issues they face, how they develop and how they can be resolved. I was very nervous when I was diagnosed with PCOD. However, Dr. Pankaj`s ability to transparently communicate the situation made me feel comfortable. I just knew I was in good hands! "
H.J. (Dubai, UAE)

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