Welcome back one and all after a long summer. We hope you’ve managed to relax, reboot and recuperate and are ready for the 2nd half of this year.

It has been business as usual for the most part. We have shared a few stories and cases with the press in the hopes that they’d motivate and inspire you all. Do check out our press articles on our Facebook page. Plenty of great tips and advice on there from the doctors on how to keep fertile!

Similarly our bloggers have been churning out plenty of content and videos so do check them out. Slow Swimmers & Fried Eggs, Woman 2 Woman and B Method.

Lastly, stay tuned for a new season of “What’s Up Doc?” this time featuring Dr. Aagje Bais our newest Conceive member. These are bytes you don’t want to miss!

Dr. Daamini Shrivastav
PR, Media & Communications Manager


Life at the Conceive forefront

Rana Allababidi manages the front desk of Conceive Hospital (SHJ) andhas been doing so for two years now. She takes us through how her job differs from that in any other institution.

Whilst her main job does involve attending to phone calls, giving patient appointments and answering their queries there is more to this job role. Infertility is a tough ordeal for almost everybody who is diagnosed with it and Rana finds herself more often than not having to go beyond being a receptionist. She often finds herself having to be that friendly voice over the phone who is willing to listen to the patients’ sorrows. She becomes their support and confidant. She finds it’s always helps in making a difference to the patients and destresses them as they open up about their difficulties, challenges and heartbreaks.

Rana finds that knowing what it’s like to be a mother and having been blessed enough to have four children is what enables her to demonstrate this kind of empathy and compassion for those who are struggling to build their families. She works hard to develop and maintain the bond of trust between herself and the patient. Being spiritual and religious she tries to uplift patient moods and guide them through some of their toughest moments on their journey to parenthood …



Infertility nursing VS Conventional nursing

Staff nurse Biju draws upon her experience to differentiate between being an Infertility nurse and a General Practitioner Nurse.



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