As the temperatures soar and the mercury levels are rising steeply, we at Conceive have to remind all our patients to stay amply hydrated and to up their intake of fresh fruits and veggies. A good diet and proper nutrition is vital to maintain one’s fertility and these desert conditions can take a toll on your physical health.

We’ve continued to receive an overwhelming amount of congratulatory messages for the JLT branch and we can’t tell you how touched we’ve been this last month. If you’ve missed the articles and videos involving the JLT branch launch then do log on to our Facebook & Twitter pages.

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Finally in this month’s newsletter we have chosen to feature an extremely unique and rare case we witnessed and are treating at present. Through the case we would like to create awareness about this condition Uterus Didelphys (or 2 uteruses) and give hope to women that it is still possible to conceive a pregnancy despite it.

Dr. Daamini Shrivastav
PR, Media & Communications Manager


Uterus Didelphys or Double Womb

Recently a young Asian woman, 30 years of age and who had been for 9 years presented to ‘Conceive Hospital’ with a history of being unable to conceive a pregnancy for the 5 years she and her husband had been trying. Her gynaecological history included that of 2 miscarriages both of which occurred at just 3 months into the pregnancy. …

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Ultrasound scans

We’ve marked out ultrasound scans of this patient to show the unique features of this case


Hysteroscopy footage

A thin tube camera provides visuals of the two vaginas and two uteruses in this case.



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