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For a five decade long journey, where does one start the story. An idyllic childhood in a bustling household where it was easy to escape in a quiet corner in a world of my own. Shattered by the loss of the grandfather, left to a single parent (grandmother) & an emotional roller-coaster ride thereafter. The Lady Irwin School aided by a feisty granny with their old fashioned value systems kept me grounded. The true salvation came in the world of Medicine. An amazing time at JNMC and Lady Hardinge, back breaking work, fiercely competitive but ended on a high note with the President’s Gold Medal as the best graduate.

Onwards to AIIMS for the MD and a career in medical microbiology mentored by an amazing faculty. Bowing down to expectations of traditional family, an arranged marriage to a wonderful man who has been a steadfast loving-supportive partner and has made this relationship worthwhile. The cherry on the cake; two amazing daughters, each of them a poised young woman, truly stars in their own right. Onwards in the quest of ‘ bugs’, a stint at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical medicine that opened the doors to then the latest bad guys on the block: Viruses! It continued with the Membership and then the fellowship of the Royal college of pathologists. On the personal front had to set up home & work in a new country.

A different culture and a totally alien way of life all with a toddler in tow. But what an amazing two plus decades it has turned out to be. A truly dependable set of friends; an alternative family of sorts, an opportunity to live safely comfortably amidst multinational-multicultural society and an opportunity to travel for both work and leisure to all corners of the world. An experience in teaching infectious diseases to a naïve set of young emarati women for over a decade has not only brought me closer to both the medical & social challenges faced by women but also an opportunity to find feasible acceptable solutions within the confines of traditional value systems. So women share your experiences and bring on your questions…

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