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Scrub those grubby hands

And not use hand sanitizer please! I beseech you all to go back to the good old practice of washing hands with soap & water. As we celebrate the Global hand washing day today on the 15th of October, this message needs to be reinforced. Wash your hands & stop the spread of unwanted bugs.  Wash before & after cooking and eating food, of course after using the toilet, blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing in your hands at the very least.

Somehow with the advent of hand sanitisers, simple soap & water hand washing seems have taken a back seat .

The more posh a lady, the posher is the hand sanitizer dispenser that’s fished out of a designer handbag & lo behold dispensed onto dainty manicured hands to be oh so gently spread on oily hands after eating food or sneezing. And guess what? The oil & the yucky protein laden goo gently solidifies over the bugs on coming in contact with the alcohol of the sanitizer and protects them forever!!! And me-lady thinks her hands are clean. The better option here is to get up and make that trip to the wash basin and just simply wash your hands with plain soap & water.

The hand sanitisers are recommended in healthcare settings where the healthcare workers are too busy to wash hands each time between patients and can quickly sanitize hands before touching the next patient and have helped reduce cross-infections in hospitals & clinics. Somewhere along the line the message got misplaced and the community got flooded with hand sanitisers. The bacteria like Acinetobacters have learnt to use the alcohol in these formulations as a source of carbon to grow & multiply, defeating the very purpose .

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So it’s best to go back to simple soap and water hand washing that’s the best & yes, medicated anti-bacterial soaps are no better despite the blaring adverts with white coat clad actors advising you to be a good mother & use their brand products. This emotional blackmail fails to impress the microbiologist in me.

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