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My name is Dee, I’m light skinned and Indian, and my daughter is my life. I’ve barely scratched the surface of my being, and yet life has shown me, that I’ve already imparted enough, to have been labeled, judged and forgotten by some. It’s the ones who stay a little longer to chat that make life hopeful. Be someone who stays, despite our differences?


Our stories all start out the same way. There once was a darling with a good heart, a bounty of trust and fearless determination. As our plots thicken, so does our skin. We build walls as high as our scars, and we guard those walls with even higher expectations. What hope is there for peace if we live in these forts of seclusion? Your vibe attracts your tribe. Sure, but how does one tribe attract another if we start to label these tribes based on what we think we understand from the outside? Will tribal colors, jewels or rituals cause conflict and war? Must we promote tribes or squads at all? Be a global gypsy my love, teach the blind to see again.


You believe in this God, and I pray to another. You’re white, and I’m darker. You’re rich, and I have to work harder. You support this party, and I voted for the opposition. As a result society hands us some labels. Hindu, Muslim, black, white, rich and poor. We learn generalisations and brand one another skin, pocket or education deep. How different am I to you, underneath it all? Does this make you smile? Me too. What makes you cry, yes, I know, that happened to me. Are you afraid, hold my hand? In this moment, where the politicians can’t see us, let me ask you face to face, If you make me cry, will I take away your smile? Will an eye for an eye ease my pain? Is forgiveness for saints, and justice for dreamers? Who can I trust? You can trust yourself, my dear. Judge only yourself, you don’t know enough to judge another. And with that thought, a sheep breaks away from the herd.


We each have a brain, we each have the ability to understand and reason, so why aren’t we arming ourselves, and our children with the most powerful weapon that no one can take from us; education. Flick through enough channels, read enough sources, talk to people from different boxes, take a class and cure your fear or ignorance with informed substance. You’ll realise all this while we have been tigers being led by crafty blind mice. Shall we give a little roar?

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Have you ever looked into a hospital nursery and seen newborns parked like sardines wrapped up in identical cloths. Basking in the glory of such innocence, can you imagine them fighting over the color of their skin, the wealth of their parents or religion, all of which they are born into and haven’t even chosen. We learn the labels and they learn them too, and we put them in boxes before they’ve even learned to feel, I love you. Do you think those babies, on their first play dates, understand differences? Or do you think they find comfort in their perfectly adorable uniquities? That’s a word that belongs in the dictionary. Not differences, not similarities, but uniquities.


As adults we outwardly worry so much that we forget to look inward. We receive a label from society and it becomes our ceiling. We don’t unearth our Uniquities. We focus on completely the wrong things. We fill gaps in our knowledge of ourselves with comforting distraction and desire, putting band-aids on our restlessness. No wonder we lose our balance when the superficial momentary highs come crashing down.


The only question, my dear, is who are you? Not where are you from or what is your religion or political standing. Who are you my love? I wonder this every day when I spend time with my daughter for she is on a journey and I’m spectating her finds. Who are you? That’s where the real fun is to be had. That’s where peace is hiding like a treasure so rich. The map you seek is in your veins carrying life to your heart, via your soul. Explore yourself, and stop off in life where you feel your heart race, with people who make your pulse quicken. Discover this world at your own pace to the beat of your heart. We are looking for purpose, approval and acceptance within a system designed to set us against each other in a maze with no way out. Take the red pill baby, and fly.

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With your mind set free, you will see clear as day, that a name, race and religion are a mere indication of who someone is. A box one might find a little more familiarity within. Life is a journey filled with opportunities to dig deeper, learn more, and spill over into the box next to yours. It’s in doing so you become someone who stays, despite our unique beauties, which look a lot less like differences now as we discover, touch and feel the unknown. That is what making a country great again looks like. That’s what humanity needs to survive and flourish.


Who am I? If I know this, I won’t feel threatened enough to listen to cowards who want to control me. I won’t judge you, nor will my children inherit such habits. If I know this I can meet you as deeply as I meet myself, and see past the sticker they’ve put on your forehead; I’ll help you rip off the target on your back. If I focus on who I am in any given stage I will keep me on my own journey, rather than get muddled by you on yours. Where our journeys intertwine we will dance, and when they separate I’ll carry what I’ve learned forward as a gift for which I’m thankful. The lover who made you feel hard to be loved or the friend who let you down, such moments fall off you like drops of rain, washed away by your certainty of yourself. Such moments affect you only as much as you allow.


We roll over onto our tummies, and we learn to walk and talk. It doesn’t take long at all for us to start wanting what others have, in terms of possessions or looks. I watch my daughter squabble with her friends, I want this and mum she said that. Which one of you is being the most kind right now I ask? How quickly they all stop and look at me wide-eyed and aware. We all have goodness in common. Goodness is the shelf all of our boxes rest upon. It’s just goodness is not always the topic of our focus. We forget its what’s holding us up. Without goodness, we fall so fast, so quickly, into a pit of bad. Good is not something tangible that we can hold or play with. Kindness is felt, and kindness is given at no price. Our culture and society numb us, and teach us that everything has a price. No wonder kindness, which has no measurable currency, is overlooked. It’s value, my dear, is priceless. Let’s invest in this.

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War, racism, sexism and so on are just a few of the symptoms of our gross misunderstandings of ourselves and each other. It all reduces me to a foetal position of vulnerability and despair. I open my eyes, and sometimes it feels like I’m doing so for the first time, barely recognizing what I see. I wonder if I will ever learn to walk, talk and survive. Will I ever see us look at each other beyond the box we presume we belong to. The fact that I’m leading a smaller person whose hand fits into mine terrifies me. We are allowing these cycles of hate and division to rob us of our peace and interrupt our journeys. Monsters manipulate us by scaring us into our boxes hidden away in our forts, making battlefields of our hearts and homes. Like a child waking from a nightmare I want to shout, monsters aren’t real. Let’s wake up?


We speak of empowerment, equality and justice. Massive as the mountains may be, we need to begin only within our own hearts, consistently and daily. Reclaim our own uniquities, discover our own selves, and teach our children to do the same. Tiny miracles would happen, one family at a time, one box after another. We would eradicate fear of the unknown. We mustn’t stop there. Once healed in our hearts, courageous, we must heal those who need more help. Some boxes have been damaged through no fault of their own. Let’s recognise this, and give, as we would expect to receive, rather than defend to justify someone else’s greed. Don’t believe in the monsters, believe in yourself.


Let me introduce myself again, I’m me. I’ve never quite fit into a box. It’s what made me always feel a little lost. I realise now it’s what sets me free. Who are you? Look in a mirror with your eyes shut, and feel the heat of your reflection; that my dear is your soul. For the love of our children’s future please practice this. Let’s meet our souls, soul mates, soul brothers and soul sisters.

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