This is the simplest form of Assisted Conception Treatment and the procedure is performed using the husband’s sperm. The woman’s ovaries are stimulated with the help of Gonadotrophin (a hormone) injections and the husband’s semen is collected. In the laboratory, the semen sample is first sorted through to pick out the fast-moving sperm, then washed and concentrated. At the time of ovulation, the prepared sperms are placed gently into the uterus by means of a thin, flexible catheter. The process takes just a few minutes and is painless.

IUI increases the chance of pregnancy to about 19-22%. This procedure is indicated for couples where the husband has normal sperm parameters or sperm with mild abnormalities and the wife has open fallopian tubes (these carry the egg from the ovary to the uterus). It is also recommended for patients who have difficulty during sexual intercourse.

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